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The causes of this phenomenon in an adult, a child or a pregnant woman.

Possible causes

Physicians identify several factors that explain why the lips are blue.

  1. Lack of oxygen. In this case, not only the lips become blue, but also other mucous membranes. First of all, oxygen starvation speaks of violations in the work of the heart and blood vessels.
  2. Smoking. Cigarettes in very large quantities contribute to the fact that the body gradually accumulates toxic substances.
  3. Anemia. It occurs when the body lacks iron. And when there is a lack of this microelement, there is a lack of hemoglobin, which is responsible for the red color of the lips.
  4. Problems with the lungs or the heart. In this case, the pulse becomes faster, breathing is delayed. One possible cause may be a thrombus in the lungs. In this case, you should immediately go to the doctor.
  5. Subcooling. This, by the way, is the most common reason. Blood vessels narrow and do not allow blood to flow freely into them. Therefore, the shade of the lips or the surface of the skin changes.
  6. At pregnancy blue labiums appear, if in a body of the woman there is no iron. Fortunately, now to combat this problem there are many drugs.
  7. In children, blue lips can appear in the case,If they suffer from a serious form of a disease called croup. He is accompanied by a strong cough, and children can sometimes complain that their lips are aching. In this case, do not use folk remedies, but immediately go to a doctor, so as not to complicate the disease.

Methods to combat blue lips

If the lips turn blue as a result of hypothermia, the following measures should be taken:

  • Wear warm clothes to warm the body faster. So the blood will quickly circulate through the body and gradually get to the surface vessels.
  • Have a hot drink. It's better if it's tea. You can not drink coffee, because the substances contained in it only narrow the blood vessels.
  • If the blue color of the lips is constantly observed, start exercising. Running or aerobics contribute to an active influx of blood to all organs and tissues.
  • You must quit smoking. The more your experience of the smoker, the higher the percentage of accumulated nicotine in the body. And the tobacco smoke that you constantly inhale, reduces the amount of oxygen in the tissues and significantly narrows the blood vessels.

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There are several more disturbing signs, withThe appearance of which should immediately seek help from your doctor. If the following symptoms are observed together with the blue lips, you should not postpone it:

  • Sharp increase in heart rate
  • Feeling of heat all over the body
  • Increase in body temperature, which does not decrease with time
  • Blue nails and nose
  • Difficulty breathing.

In any case, even if in the summer heat you haveBlue lips, do not ignore this fact. Such a reaction to the cold is completely normal due to the physiological and protective properties of the body. But in all other cases this is a very alarming signal, the ignoring of which will lead to serious illness in the future.

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