/ How to make inhalation at home?

How to make inhalation at home?

Surely, many have already experienced thisA miracle recipe, which copes not only with the manifestation of the disease, but with a whole complex. As it may seem, this procedure is quite simple, but nevertheless there are some rules that will help not to aggravate the disease and not get burned. On the technique of execution, the types of inhalations and what cold manifestations can be removed with the help of this method - read in our article.

How to properly administer inhalation for colds

First of all, let's start with the fact that forCertain manifestations and symptoms of the disease, there are different fillers for steam baths. If it is a stuffy nose or a runny nose, then the potato broth works best for this problem. We think that many people in their childhood were breathing on the potatoes.

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So, that everything went right and rhinitisRetreated as soon as possible, then you need to breathe over freshly cooked potatoes, draining half of the liquid. It is not necessary to bend very low, to inhale deeply - too, since there is a certain risk of getting a burn of the nasal mucosa. Breathe over a similar bath should be about 10 minutes under a closed towel, until the potatoes stop steam.

If you suffer from tonsillitis (inflammationTonsils) or pharyngitis (inflammation of the throat), it is recommended to make inhalation with the addition of tea tree oil. The recipe is that 1.5 drops of boiling water is added three (not more!) Drops of tea tree.

It is not necessary to add more for the reason that it will give a lot of bitterness, and the vapors of this oil will irritate the eyes.

Inhalation is necessary through the mouth. The number of breaths must be at least 20.

Inhalation should be carried out under a tightly closed towel. For a quick onset of the effect, repeat the procedure twice a day - in the morning and in the evening.

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For diseases of the respiratory tractExecution of inhalations is still the same, but the inhalation composition will be completely different. At 1.5 boiling water, add five drops of bergamot or lemon oil, plus we pour out about two tablespoons of dry chamomile. Essential oils of bergamot or lemon are capable of provoking sputum production, and couples filled with beneficial chamomile substances will have an anti-inflammatory effect.

How to use the device for inhalation at home

The effect of inhalation will be much better if inYour home has a special device called a nebulizer. The essence of the work is that this device splits the treatment solution into separate particles and gives it to our breath in the form of a warm mist that is easily inhaled.

In order to perform inhalation with the help ofNebulizer you need to prepare saline solution. It is prepared as follows: half a teaspoon of essential oil or medicinal product in liquid form is dissolved in a liter of water at room temperature, after which we pour this mixture into the apparatus. For details, refer to the device manual.

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The success of this type of treatment depends largely onRegularity of procedures. The most optimal option for most diseases is to do inhalation in the morning and in the evening for three or more days until you see a withdrawal of the disease.

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