/ How to cure chronic sinusitis at home?

How to cure chronic sinusitis at home?

What is chronic sinusitis

Sinusitis is an inflammation of the nasal mucosa, withWhich lumen of the maxillary sinuses narrows, which leads to a violation of drainage and stagnant phenomena. The swelling of the maxillary sinuses can lead to a visual impairment. Infection can cause complications in the auditory canal, resulting in otitis or a general hearing impairment.

The main symptoms are: Complete nasal congestion of one or both sides of the nose, pressure in the eyes, pain in the frontal part of the head, secretions of yellow, green or brown hue, sometimes with blood. In the first days of exacerbation of the disease, an elevated temperature of 38-40 degrees is observed. At this state, the appetite is reduced. Often there are dark circles under the eyes.

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Treatment of sinusitis with folk remedies

But, despite the seriousness of the givenDisease, with proper treatment, it still recedes. Therefore let's get acquainted with the most effective methods of traditional medicine, which even experienced doctors recommend to otolaryngologists. Zakapyvanie water with sea salt. This method is known for its ability to quickly pierce the breath and dilute congestive purulent clots. To make this solution, mix half a glass of drinking water and one dessert spoonful of sea salt. It is necessary to drip every two hours.

Also helps with this disease is the solutionGarlic juice and honey. Garlic is a strong antiseptic, and honey removes puffiness. In 100 ml of water, dissolve 10 drops of garlic juice and half a teaspoon of honey. Bury in the morning and evening.

In order to release the breath with very dense secretions it will be very useful to use a hot boiled egg. Just wrap it in a kerchief and lean against the side of the nose.

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The most famous grandmother's recipe is onionjuice. Surely, many in childhood experienced this opposite, but effective tool for themselves. But we have matured and understand that any discomfort is nothing compared to the disease itself. Therefore, in order to quickly recover, we recommend to dilute three drops of fresh onion juice with 10 drops of water. Do not use pure juice, as you will get a burn of the nasal mucosa.

Drugstores for the treatment of genyantritis

For a more rapid onset of the effect, neverthelessWe recommend that traditional treatment be added to the traditional treatment. In the pharmacy, you can purchase wonderful tools to treat this problem. For example, Sinuforte, Pinosol and Nazivin will cope with this disease perfectly. It will also be superfluous to buy drugs to enhance immunity (vitamin complexes, immunal), so that the body can better cope with this disease.

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As you can see, there is a treatment for chronic sinusitis. And if you adhere to these recommendations - the disease will retreat quickly enough!

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