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Treatment of varicose veins on the legs at home: ointments and traditional medicine

Fortunately, medicine in recent years has significantlyStepped forward and the treatment of varicose is now effective and accessible to everyone. Moreover, its manifestations at first can be managed independently.

Varicose veins of the legs: symptoms and causes

To diagnose this ailment is simple, yet the first signs of the disease are visible to the naked eye and are felt in painful manifestations:

  • Slight veins, unhealthy color with a hint of red and blue;
  • Small hemorrhages, small ulcers covering the skin in the region of veins;
  • Swelling of the legs, from the beginning small, with the development of the disease, they become more noticeable;
  • Painful sensations. Unpleasantly "twists" the legs, a feeling of heaviness and tension of the skin.

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The causes of the disease is, first of all,Unhealthy Lifestyle. It can be expressed in smoking, excessive use of alcoholic beverages, eating disorders, taking fatty and salty foods. In addition, some medications taken in excessive amounts can also give complications, causing dysfunction of the venous valves leading to deformities and bloating of the veins.

Varicose veins of the legs are common and inPregnancy time. As a result of the increase in the weight of the future mother due to the fetus, there is an overstrain of the limbs, a change in the hormonal background and as a consequence, if the doctors' recommendations on the prevention of the disease, complications in the form of varicose veins, are not implemented in time.

How to cure varicose veins at home?

There are many ways to treat varicose veins inHome conditions as inexpensive ointments, which can be found in any pharmacy, and folk methods. Before you begin to describe the recipes of traditional medicine and a list of good gel preparations, you should be aware that the effectiveness of self-treatment depends on two main factors. The first is if you have an initial stage of the disease. It can be overcome by performing procedures at home. Second - if you have a neglected disease, then it is difficult to self-medicate, so you do not need to search for yourself, contact a doctor for an examination, according to which you will receive the necessary medications, ointments and the necessary additional procedures.

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The most effective recipes of traditional medicine are:

  • Tincture from birch buds. It fights not only with symptoms, but also the cause. Mix 1 tsp. Apple cider vinegar with a teaspoon of honey, add a spoonful of kidneys and pour a glass of boiling water. Insist recommended 4-5 hours in a dry and dark place, then strain the liquid and take 2 times a day for 3 tablespoons before eating;
  • Compress of garlic mix will help to removePuffiness and pain. Pound a few cloves of garlic, mix with a teaspoon of butter. Well rub the parts where the disease manifests, then wrap your feet in heat. You need to perform the procedure every day for 30 days.

Treatment of varicose veins at home using modern medications

If you are not a supporter of traditional medicine methods, then there are excellent gels and ointments that are inexpensive and available in every pharmacy:

  • Ointment Vishnevsky - one of the traditional of the most popular. Helps to get rid of ulcers and has an antiseptic effect;
  • Venitane - based on the extract of horse chestnut, relieves edema, inflammation and nourishes the skin, which is especially important for damaged tissues;
  • Ginkor gel - strengthens the venous walls, tones, relieves inflammation. Suitable pregnant girl and during lactation.

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Despite the possibility of home treatmentVaricose veins of the legs, consult professionals. This will help to choose the right tools and their use depending on the individual characteristics of the patient and the stage of development of the disease.

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