/ Symptoms of lack of calcium in the body.

Symptoms of lack of calcium in the body.

The main symptoms of a lack of calcium in the body and what diseases it can cause

As already mentioned above, these are fragile bones andcaries. But this is not all. Also, to signals that alert us that the body lacks this element, it becomes chronic fatigue, weakness and aches in the joints, as at subfebrile temperature. A person suffering from hypocalcemia becomes irritable, more likely to depressive states, immunity is weakened, which leads to frequent colds and viral diseases.

Because of lack of calcium, besides bones, suffersMuscular and nervous system. In a person with this syndrome, convulsions appear, fingers and toes become numb. People after the age of thirty may begin osteoporosis (deformity, increased risks to fractures and poor bone formation).

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A sharp deterioration in vision can alsoTestify that there is a deficiency of this microelement in your body. If you ignore this symptom, cataracts may begin. Lack of calcium in children can cause serious disturbances in the eye lens, which will lead to rapid loss of vision.

Another symptom is abnormal cardiorhythm, failure of which leads to heart failure or to myocardial infarction.

Treatment and prevention of hypocalcemia

Naturally, any deficit is eliminatedSupply of anything and hypocalcemia is no exception. But there is one point, without taking into account which, your entire calcium intake will not give any positive results. The thing is that calcium is absorbed in our body with vitamin D. This is the satellite that helps to carry this micronutrient to bone tissue and other organs. In the pharmacy, when choosing a drug for the treatment of hypocalcemia, be sure to specify that the composition included vitamin D.

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In addition, do not forget about your diet. Your menu should be rich in dairy products, especially hard cheeses. Many calcium contain chicken and quail eggs. It will be especially useful to crush their shells to a powdery state and take it every morning on an empty stomach for one month.

Also in the list of products that are fighting wellWith a lack of calcium includes a variety of cereals (especially oatmeal), broccoli, fish family salmon, as well as sardines. If you want, you can make a very diverse menu of these products. So in this way you will kill two birds with one stone: pamper yourself with delicious and help your body.

As you can see, the symptoms that indicate that youNot enough calcium, quite specific, so at the first signal immediately consult a doctor, and then run to the pharmacy and make adjustments to your diet. Good luck and do not be ill!

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