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Feedback on the usefulness and harm of contact lenses and how to properly wear them

Let's take a closer look at this product, find out what it is, talk about the dangers and benefits of contact lenses, how to properly dress and operate them.

What is a contact lens: what are they invented for, advantages and disadvantages

Dressing glasses, even an adult, not to mentionAbout the child, will feel not at ease. When walking, and even more active actions: running, jumping or just a sharp turn of the head and at all you can break our glasses. In addition, the lateral review is markedly limited. We are forced to always keep these factors in mind, because a little something - we will have to spend again.

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The developers took into account all those inconveniences and launchedSale contact lenses, which no one except you will notice, having a 100% review and allowing you to stand out, forgetting that you have any problems with vision. It would seem - here it is, the ideal. But no, like any market product, even if used in ophthalmology, it has its shortcomings, often quite significant:

  • First, the price. Really quality contact lenses cost as glasses, but require a systematic replacement, due to wear and tear. The period of such replacement is different, depends on the quality of execution and can vary from 1 week to several months;
  • Do not forget that the body perceivesAny extraneous object that comes into contact with our organs as a foreign substance. Flexible glass is not an exception, because they affect the most important sense organ - the eyes. Therefore, allergic reactions, inflammation and rejection are quite possible;
  • They need to be taken care of, added to special solutions, so that they do not restrict the necessary supply of oxygen to our eyes;

Harm and benefit of contact lenses, reviews

If you do not follow the instructionsOphthalmologist, to change lenses at the right time, to put them on without cleaning from extraneous objects, then, naturally, get to the problem with vision, also infectious or other disease, for example, corneal erosion, edema, conjunctivitis, red eye syndrome. The list can be continued, but the point is that, like any medicine, it must be taken correctly. As written above, the contact lens, even the most modern, partially limits the flow of oxygen to the eye, which can cause illness.

Despite certain risks of wearing, reviews aboutQuality representatives of this product, that of doctors, that patients have positive. Constant wearing with observance of the rules of use will allow not only to restore vision, but also contributes to the treatment of "false" myopia, resulting from overstrain of the eye muscles. In addition, we often forget glasses, remove them, put them somewhere forever, because of what we leave on the street without them, or we go by car, squinting, looking for traffic lights, signs, pedestrians. All this does not contribute to treatment. Put on the eye lens of permanent wearing, in which you can even sleep - just do not lose.

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How to put on lenses: step by step procedure description

To protect yourself from the above examples of diseases and threats to the eyes, develop the habit of correctly wearing contact lenses. This is done as follows:

  1. Wash your hands well and wipe them so that there are no villains, fibers or small crumbs left on the fingers and fingers;
  2. Remove the lens and in a well-lit room (preferably in front of the mirror), inspect it for the presence of foreign particles, as well as the integrity of the structure;
  3. Rinse it in antibacterial solution, pull the lower and upper edge of the eyelid with the fingers of one hand, look up and put it on the lower part of the eyeball;
  4. Lower and raise your eyes several times, blink to get in place.

Do not forget that the contact lens is alwaysGave you clear vision - she needs care. After wearing, store them in boxes with special solutions, try not to fall asleep in them, letting your eyes rest and get oxygen even when the developers claim that nothing terrible will happen and of course, before the purchase, take due examination in the ophthalmic clinic.

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