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The causes of black spots, spots or midges in the eyes

Black gnats in front of the eyes: causes

Most ophthalmologists agree thatSuch small formations, similar to points or midges, are nothing more than the remains of physiological processes in the human body. In simple words, the embryonic cells and leukocytes that have remained in the vitreous body from the moment of birth to this day. They do not carry any harm and do not require treatment. Often, they manifest themselves when looking at a light object, for example, on a blue sky or a light bulb. Over time, it passes.

However, do not rush to make a conclusion about harmlessnessBlack dots in front of the eyes. Modern medicine, nevertheless, at long displays advises to address to the ophthalmologist. The main reasons for their appearance, in addition to contemplating the celestial smoothness or light objects, can be:

  • Age. People in years suffer from cardiovascular disease, impaired metabolism, which provokes such "visions";
  • Long and regular work with the computer, watching TV;
  • As a result of rubbing by hand - irritation of the eyeball;
  • Intracranial pressure, more precisely, its sharp drop.

Frankly, such points are poorly researchedScientists, so there is no need to talk about other reasons. It is important that if you feel discomfort because of them, and the duration of the vision is more than two days, then contact specialists for advice, perhaps they will prompt an effective method of treatment, which is doubtful, because in themselves they do not interfere with your vision and are, rather, A problem of a psychological nature.

Method to get rid of black spots, midges or spots before the eyes

You went to an ophthalmologist, and he could not giveA clear answer, how to get rid of the scourge? This occurs very often. Domestic physicians generally consider such formations a natural aging of the body, although even in school-age children, black spots before the eyes take place. There is one interesting and simple method, try the following: sit on a chair exactly, choose the point you will look at. The head should not bend neither to the right, nor to the left, keep it evenly. With one eye, sharply point your eyes to the left and just as sharply to the right. Bamboo moths must "swim" beyond the field of view. You can perform the procedure several times.

How to avoid the appearance of black dots in the eyes?

Some scientists believe that "midge" is not justLeukocytes or remains of embryonic cells, and the dead tissues of our body that enter the vitreous fluid. Therefore, in order to avoid such irritants, lead a healthy lifestyle. Alcohol, smoking, drugs provoke the fastest "wear" of tissues and cells.

Black dots before your eyes poorly understoodThe field of ophthalmology, but, as authors of scientific articles on such subjects themselves consider, if they really concealed real dangers to eyesight, then this would quickly become common knowledge, because almost half and even more inhabitants of the Earth are facing this.

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