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First aid for bruises, special means and treatment

What to do with bruises and the consequences of injuries?

If by inattention or as a result of anotherAn unpleasant incident you have been injured by limbs or the body, especially the head, it is recommended to see a doctor even if you are sure that this is just a bruise without far-reaching consequences. Often, a head injury leads to a concussion of the brain, the symptoms of which are not immediately apparent, and after a couple of hours in the form of nausea and dizziness. In old people, a simple blow to the ground by the hand or other part of the body when falling, due to the fragility of bones and skin, causes severe bleeding. In addition, no one can give a guarantee that the bone is not damaged, even if at first glance it is unnoticeable. Cracks are quite likely, which after a while will make themselves felt.

Regardless of your decision, whether to callDoctors or try to solve the most unpleasant problem, you need to give first aid in case of injury and the sooner, the better. Depending on what part of the body is affected, they also distinguish the types of necessary assistance that need to be provided.

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Help with a knee and limb injury

If the injury is accompanied by a bleeding, a legOr the arm needs to be lifted up as high as possible, apply a bandage bandage and cool the place of impact with ice or other cold object that will be on hand. This will reduce bleeding or stop it altogether, and the cold will minimize puffiness.

Help in case of injury to the face, chest, ribs and other parts of the body

Injured should be placed in a comfortable chairOr put on a sofa, bed, if possible. Find something cold, preferably ice. If you hurt yourself outside the house, then run to the pharmacy and buy either ointment or lead water, which helps with fresh hematomas, make a lotion. Particular care should be taken if the blow fell on the head or face. It is recommended, nevertheless, to seek professional help in order to avoid hidden consequences.

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How to treat a bruise at home?

The most accessible and correct method of treatmentHematomas and edema - heat treatment. In the first day after the injury, apply ice to the damaged area, and after 24 hours, on the contrary, hot compresses. The ideal solution is to combine this method with special ointments.

Traditional methods of treating contusions

If you are old-fashioned and prefer to go by roadsAncestors - your right. You can use onions, alcohol tinctures and even compresses from the curd mass, apple cider vinegar works well. However, do not be greedy and do not philosophize, resorting to sophisticated methods, the usual cheap pharmacy ointment will give a much better effect. Folk remedies are good there, where the nearest pharmacies are kilometers of the way.

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Despite, as many think, "trifling"injury, bruising can be a serious health hazard. Large hematomas and edema often serve as assistants in the formation of blood clots. Allow before this - it is necessary to do an operation to remove such formations. Therefore, if the bruise does not come off or hard for a long time - do not wait for the weather to come from the sea, contact your doctor.

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