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The main factors that can cause migraine in a pregnant woman and the means of influencing her.

Why can a headache in a pregnant woman

The most likely factor is migraine. In fact, this is a neurological disease that leads to constant bouts of pain in one part of the head. In a pregnant woman, this disease can occur for the following reasons:

  • From the feeling of hunger or vice versa, when you use certain foods (citrus, red wine, bitter chocolate)
  • The impact of the environment. Headache may occur after prolonged exposure to a room with flashing light, lack of sleep or sharp odors
  • Weather change or climate change
  • Stress and emotional overload
  • Long standing in one position
  • Low blood pressure (most often in the first trimester, especially if a woman suffers from toxicosis)
  • Vegetosovascular dystonia or osteochondrosis

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But those who before pregnancy constantly suffered from migraines, the condition can significantly improve. This is due to a change in the hormonal background.

Even if you could establish the causeThe occurrence of a headache, do not immediately go to the pharmacy to take some medicine. The difficulty of treating a headache in such a delicate position as pregnancy is complicated by the fact that not all medicines can be taken by a future mother.

In most cases, doctors prescribe treatment only in particularly difficult situations, while in others they are limited to folk methods or preventive measures.

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What you need to do to prevent a headache

Naturally, the problem is better to preventIn advance, rather than later deal with its consequences. Here are some tips for pregnant women, what to do and how to behave in order not to face a migraine.

  1. It is good to eat. Even if you do not know what products are best to use and which ones to refuse, ask the doctor and he will give you the necessary advice. In any case, you should not feel hungry, so divide the food into five or even six meals. And give preference to natural products.
  2. Always ventilate the room and walk more often outdoors.
  3. Sufficient rest and sleep. However, consider that the spillage can become the same cause of the headache, as well as lack of sleep.
  4. If you have to sit constantly, take frequent breaks and a light workout.
  5. Try to avoid a lot of people, sharp smells or noisy rooms.
  6. Drink mineral water to replenish the supply of fluid and salts in the body.

A few tips for treatment

At normal times we take away from a headacheAspirin or ibuprofen. But during pregnancy, these drugs will have to be abandoned completely, as they can harm the baby. In rare cases, doctors recommend taking paracetamol-based medications, but not as a regular treatment.

Help to cope with the headache will help massage the head with the use of essential oils of lemon or other citrus. This will help in preventive measures, and to alleviate the already onset of migraine.

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