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Weight gain in pregnant women - how not to gain extra pounds.

The reasons for the appearance of extra pounds

Sometimes in the first trimester, a pregnant woman can sharplyLose weight due to changes in taste preferences, toxicosis and small fetal size. But in the second stage, when the uterus and the future child begin to grow actively, the weight can increase dramatically. There are a number of factors that contribute to the increase of unwanted kilograms:

  • If the body weight was large enough before pregnancy, the probability of gaining excess weight sharply increases.
  • Paradoxically, the age of a woman also affects the increase in body volume, because over the years the body is more susceptible to hormonal changes.
  • We lose more - we type more. As mentioned earlier, in the first weeks of pregnancy there is an opportunity to dramatically lose weight. But do not lose sight of the fact that later the body will compensate for its losses and the increase will exceed the norm.
  • Excessive appetite is one of the mainReasons for weight gain - to stay within the predicted result, you should limit the amount of food and exercise, and not explain it by what you should eat "for two."

What are the most dangerous deviations from the norm of weight gain during pregnancy?

Taking into account the physiological characteristics of eachAn individual girl or a woman, fluctuations in the additional kilograms are mostly held within 12-13 kg. Most doctors state that by the end of the first trimester you have a chance to gain a kilogram or two, in the future - no more than a half a kilogram per week, starting with the thirtieth. In recent months, the rate of increase can be calculated by a simple formula: 22 g for every 10 cm of growth. For example, with an increase of 170 cm, the increment should be approximately 374 grams.

If you notice that you start gaining excess weight, deviating from the norm, immediately consult a gynecologist, as this may be fraught with some consequences.

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  • Increased edema, complicating the course of pregnancy.
  • Also as a result, a larger volume of fatty tissues is formed, which affects the increase in the load on the spine and can even provoke the appearance of an intervertebral hernia.
  • With excessive weight, varicose veins also appear, threatening thrombosis and additional edema on the legs.
  • In addition, too intense weight gain increases the burden on the heart and digestive system, which can have negative consequences in the future.

How not to gain excess weight during pregnancy?

First of all, it is necessary to establish a strictFood control - to include in the diet only healthy and healthy food, thus making it balanced and full. Moderate physical activity is contraindicated only if there is a threat of miscarriage, in all other cases, fitness exercises, daily morning exercises or swimming in the pool will not harm the fetus at all, but will help you not gain excess weight while keeping the shape.

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