/ Means of combating swelling during pregnancy.

Means of combating swelling during pregnancy.

The main causes of edema in pregnancy

Approximately in the fourth month of pregnancyThere is a possibility of puffiness in the limbs of a future mother. In extremely rare cases, it is a manifestation of a pathological deviation from the norm, which in the future can threaten the life of the child.

Basically, in connection with the restructuring of the bodyUnder the changes in the basic processes of life, edema can occur due to improper functioning of the kidneys, cardiovascular system, excess water in the body and excessive physical exertion.

Swelling of the feet during pregnancy

Pregnant women most often suffer edema of the legs, because their body accumulates sodium, because of which the fluid is retained in the body.

In most cases, complaints about the appearance ofPuffiness comes from women in the afternoon and in the evening, which is not surprising - the horizontal position during sleep contributes to the distribution of fluid throughout the body, so the morning swelling is almost invisible. After a long walk or being in an upright position, the moisture drops to the lower limbs, thus causing swelling in the ankles and feet. In general, with a slight manifestation of it, there is no cause for concern, but if you have a significant increase in blood pressure, you should consult a specialist, otherwise there is a possibility of developing a severe form of gestosis.

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Prevention of puffiness and its treatment

  • Get rid of the problem of swelling of the extremities,It would seem very simple - just do not drink too much liquid. But, as it turns out, in this case, the body will only intensively accumulate it in tissues. So, future mothers should pay attention to the right selection of drinks - if there is a puffiness problem, it is better to give up juices, soda, tea for a while, replacing them with ordinary drinking water.
  • An essential role in preventing the emergence ofEdemas plays a balanced diet, which should be excluded from fried and spicy dishes, smoked and salted, as well as coffee, as a drink that contributes to the retention of water in the body.
  • Great value also has a full-fledgedRest, which during pregnancy should be at least 10 hours at night and several hours - during the day. It is very important to monitor the load on the legs and, if possible, try to lie down for at least half an hour if the swelling begins to appear.

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Among other ways to get rid of leg swellingIt is necessary to note baths with sea salt, foot massage and metered walks in the fresh air. Sometimes there may be a need to use phyto tea with a diuretic effect and vitamins that strengthen the blood vessels and, thus, improve blood circulation. In any case, you should not forget that before applying this or that remedy, you must always consult your doctor - in fact you are now in charge of one more little man, albeit small.

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