/ What is the first week of pregnancy and how the fetus develops.

What is the first week of pregnancy and how the fetus develops.

But this does not mean that the first weeksPregnancy should be ignored. After all, right now in the body of a woman all the basic genetic characteristics of a future baby are laid, and one should pay no less attention to one's health than at a later date.

Whether it is necessary to be observed at the doctor

If pregnancy is scheduled, be sure toVisit your gynecologist and therapist. For an accidental pregnancy, this recommendation is unlikely to fit, as a woman, more often than not, does not know that she is pregnant at such an early date.

A doctor's trip is mandatory if one of the parentsSuffers from a chronic disease. The doctor will be able to choose methods of treatment and prevention that can cope with the signs of the disease and not harm the fetus.

A gynecologist, in turn, can prescribe an additional ultrasound to track the normal maturation of the egg.

It is better to visit and genetics so that he canTo establish potential abnormalities in the development of the fetus and to prescribe tests that will provide information on the potential risks to the health of the baby's future.

Key recommendations

When preparing for the birth of a child, do not ignore the first weeks of pregnancy.

  • Get rid of bad habits if you have not done this before.
  • Try to stop taking anyMedicines, as they can harm the fetus. If this can not be done, be sure to consult a doctor to find out about the possible dangers and get a prescription for taking analogs.
  • Try to avoid places of congestion, as in the crowd it is very easy to catch an infection, and this is especially dangerous in the early stages of fetal development.
  • Avoid x-ray examinations of the pelvis and abdominal cavity.
  • Try not to be nervous and overexert. More rest and walk in the fresh air. Physical and emotional health of the mother in the first weeks of pregnancy is the pledge of the birth of a strong baby in the future.
  • Minimize contact with chemicalPreparations and pets. Especially this applies to cats, because they are potential sources of toxoplasmosis, which can lead to genetic abnormalities. But if the animal is in your house for a long time, most likely, the woman has already developed immunity. However, in the near future you still have to give your pet to other caring hands.
  • Start taking vitamin complexes, of course,After visiting a doctor. Particular attention should be paid to folic acid, because it is before conception and early pregnancy can prevent the occurrence of various disorders in the development of the baby.
  • Start rebuilding your body in terms of nutrition. Limit the use of coffee, carbonated drinks and chocolate.
  • Try to keep as little contact withLand, raw meat and fish. They can contain microbes, almost completely harmless to the body, but during the first weeks of pregnancy the mother's body is especially sensitive to various external influences.

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