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How to properly prepare for the conception of a child for the future mother and father.

Fundamental rules

Going to a gynecologist is quite understandable. But what else needs to be done to properly prepare the organism of the future mother and father to conceive and give birth to a baby?

  • Be sure to visit other doctors. The oculist will be able to determine whether everything is in order with your vision, and whether there are any retinal disorders. It is also important to go to the dentist, as spoiled teeth can become a source of infection, and a pregnant woman does not need it at all. Visit the therapist, especially if you suffer from chronic illnesses. You may have to undergo additional tests.
  • Reconsider your attitude to contraceptives. Approximately three months before the proposed conception, completely discard the tablets or spiral. But you still have to protect yourself and it's better to do it with condoms.
  • Although this is unpleasant to remember, but if oneFrom the parents took drugs, even if they were light, you will have to wait with conception for three years. And if one of the couple has undergone a course of treatment for sexually transmitted diseases, in particular syphilis, with the continuation of the genus it will be necessary to wait five years.
  • My father will also have to undergo serious training. First, give up smoking and any alcohol. These harmful habits negatively reflect on the quality of sperm, and that it will take about three months to recover. It is recommended to give up strong coffee and taking antibiotics. The diet of the future father should consist mainly of fresh fruits and vegetables. You also need to take complex vitamin preparations, which the doctor can advise you.

Required tests

Naturally, the process of planning pregnancy is notWill do without a whole set of tests, which can show possible violations in the body of one of the partners, so that the doctor can prescribe treatment in time and the child was born healthy.

For everyone, this list is purely individual and depends directly on the state of the organism and the presence of chronic diseases. However, there are some general tests that are prescribed to everyone without exception.

  • Biochemical and clinical analysis of blood. Be sure to donate blood to the group and Rh factor to be ready for a possible occurrence of Rh-conflict.
  • General urine analysis
  • Blood test for sugar and clotting
  • Clinical analysis of blood for syphilis and AIDS
  • In addition, the blood of future parents is checked for the presence of various dangerous infectious diseases (herpes, rubella and hepatitis)
  • Analysis for the presence of sexually transmitted diseases. They can stay in the body for a long time, not manifesting themselves in any way and then passed on to the child.
  • Sometimes appoint a genetic counseling, especiallyIf the couple is more than 35 years old and in the genus of one of them there were hereditary diseases. Of course, the trip to this specialist can be done on your own, but then the visit should be limited to a simple consultation.

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