/ / Pregnancy: how to eat properly, what foods are useful, and which can harm the fetus.

Pregnancy: how to eat properly, what foods are useful, and which can harm the fetus.

Recommended foods for pregnant women

Fruits, vegetables and freshly squeezed juices.

Certainly, to improve well-being andMaintaining the immunity of the future mother and child, the diet should be abundant with vitamins and minerals. That is why most of it is recommended to be filled with vegetable food - vegetables, fruits and freshly squeezed juices. But you can not eat too much citrus or exotic fruit, as they can cause food allergy, as in a pregnant woman, and a fetus.

The first place among useful fruits by rightBelongs to apples, which contain vitamins of different groups. Moreover, they are able to increase appetite and immunity and bring out cholesterol. Do not lose sight of and grenades - in addition to the general strengthening of the body, they contribute to quenching thirst and even cure atherosclerosis. Thanks to pears, you can get rid of edema, lower blood pressure, reduce salt deposition and normalize the heart. Very useful in the early stages of pregnancy is the grape, which possesses bactericidal properties and forms a strong immune system in the fetus.

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Consumption of milk and dairy products.

Vital for proper developmentFetus and strengthening the bone tissue of a pregnant woman is milk and dairy products - curd, sour cream, kefir, butter, etc. In addition to high calcium content, milk is rich in proteins and a significant amount of vitamins. However, before consumption it is necessary to boil, and in order for it to be better absorbed - to drink milk at room temperature on an empty stomach. Cottage cheese can be safely included in the daily diet, combining it to your own taste with fruits, berries or sour cream.

Fish during pregnancy.

When compiling the daily menu, do not forget aboutThat fish is the richest source of minerals and trace elements. Dietitians advise eating boiled or baked fish; Ideally should eat fish cooked for a couple - in this case, it retains the maximum amount of useful substances necessary for proper nutrition of the future mother.

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Products that can not be eaten by pregnant women

Undoubtedly, choosing a diet, pregnantSpecial attention should be paid to the quality of products and the timing of suitability, as well as the possible harm that they are capable of bearing. In particular, raw or semi-raw foods are contraindicated; Exotic dishes; Excessive consumption of sweets (they can be replaced with nuts and dried fruits); Semi-finished products; Strong tea or coffee and, undoubtedly, alcohol. It should be mentioned that some inveterate coffee makers allow doctors not to give up their favorite drink, but do not forget that it is recommended to reduce the dose of coffee and preferably drink it with milk only.

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It is important for a future mother to remember that someFood can really have a detrimental effect on the health of the baby, and some - improve his health and strengthen the immune system. In addition, if you get used to a balanced diet during pregnancy, you can not only take out a healthy child, but also easily transfer breastfeeding.

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