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How to get pregnant with twins: doctors' recommendations and traditional methods

Probability to become pregnant with twins: statistics and causes

Unfortunately, medical statistics are unambiguous andSays that on average 1000 births a total of 5 to 10 twins, that is, the probability of such an outcome is approximately 0.5-1%. The reasons for this are two factors at once:

  1. Physiological processes in women, in particular menstrual cycles. Of the 200 cycles, only once do two eggs appear capable of fertilization;
  2. Genetics. Do not forget that your genus has a huge impact, including a predisposition to chronic diseases and, of course, the likelihood of the birth of twins. If the family has had cases of pregnancy with two or more children - well, if this happened repeatedly - it's great, and if there were no such cases or you do not know about them - it's worse, but you should not give up your hands.

But, there are a number of other factors affecting fertility.

How to become pregnant with twins: advice of physicians

As mentioned above, do not put your hands down. Of course, guessing on coffee grounds, rubbing yourself with garlic or eating a lot of bananas is unlikely to help make a dream come true, but it's worthwhile listening to experienced midwives who studied statistics and conducted a number of studies. They identified the main ways to get pregnant with twins:

  • Age. The older the woman, the higher the chance of fertilization of two eggs. This is due to a small hormonal failure, resulting in increased amounts of gonadotropin, responsible for the growth of eggs;
  • Oral contraceptives and medicines for infertility. With a sharp cessation of taking pills from pregnancy and starting the use of drugs that treat infertility, there will be a sharp hormone production that stimulates the ovarian follicles. Due to this, the probability of several eggs appearing at the same time is high;
  • Artificial insemination (extracorporeal method) - transplantation of several eggs into the womb, one or two of which will survive, but the probability is not 100%;
  • Race. With what it is connected - it is reliably unknown, but Africans are more predisposed to multiple pregnancies, Asian women - the least, Europeans - the middle between two groups;
  • The structure of the uterus. There is a structure of the so-called "two-legged" uterus, which has a septum, which serves as an additional plus in pregnancy by two or more toddlers;
  • Menstruation. The fact, discovered by scientists, says that in a percentage ratio, women who have a menstruation cycle of 21 days become pregnant more often than twins. Why this happens is also not clear.

Means and methods for getting pregnant with twins: expert reviews

Girls seeking to multiplyPregnancy, it is recommended to exclude canned foods, jerky, sausages and sausages from their diets and eat more seafood - shrimps, mussels, red fish and others. Some talk about the beneficial effects of folic acid, sold in pharmacies in the form of vitamin complexes, which must be taken 2 months before conception. Someone argues that active sex with your partner is also able to increase your chances.

Physicians, often, look at such advice withSmile and say something like this: "neither folic acid, nor seafood, nor, especially, sex exactly do not harm the future mother, and the impact of all this on the birth of twins - is not studied and, as practice shows, extremely unimportant to increase the chances."

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