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Why can sciatica inflammation (sciatica) occur?

Causes of inflammation

When the sciatic nerve starts to hurt, the first thing to do is figure out what could have caused this.

  1. Changes in the structure of the spine. Most often, sciatica is caused by a neglected form of osteochondrosis.
  2. Injury, which could damage the spine, the sciatic nerve itself or soft tissue around it.
  3. Late gestation. At this time, a large fruit can lead to the fact that the center of gravity of the woman's body shifts and the load on the lumbar part of the spine is greatly strengthened.
  4. Neuritis and abscesses that affect the sciatic nerve itself or soft tissue around it. Most often, these diseases are of an infectious nature
  5. Incorrectly performed intramuscular injection, which damaged the nerve.
  6. Too much physical activity, which led to spasm of the muscles of the waist.
  7. Chronic constipation, which leads to muscle spasm and negatively affect the work of nerve endings.

Main symptoms

Each person can independently determine that he has an inflammation of the sciatic nerve.

  • Constant pain. At first it appears as a burning sensation in the waist or in the coccyx region.
  • Gradually, the pain increases and go over to the buttock or even the back of the thigh and lower leg
  • When the condition of inflammation is neglected, a person will feel a constant numbness of the limb and it will become difficult for him to walk.
  • If you do not take any measures, over time, the pain becomes so strong that a person can not only move, but also sneeze or cough without pain.

Treatment of sciatica

Doctors must prescribe a set of measures that can not only alleviate the patient's suffering, but also gradually return the sciatic nerve to a normal state.

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  1. Observance of the regime. In particularly difficult cases, when a sharp pain accompanies each movement, the patient is recommended a strict bed rest until painful sensations cease.
  2. Medicines. For the treatment of sciatica, approximately the same anti-inflammatory drugs are used as for fighting sciatica. Applied as a medicine for internal use, and special ointments and compresses.
  3. Procedures. As a rule, patients who have agreed to undergo an electrophoresis course, warming compresses or other similar procedures, recover much faster. Treatment is necessarily accompanied by a course of vitamins.
  4. Physical Education. The complex of special exercises is assigned to each patient individually, proceeding from the reasons that caused sciatic nerve inflammation. Traditionally they begin with light exercises, gradually increasing the load. This will not only lead to a quick recovery, but will also become a preventive measure, so that the disease does not resume in the future.
  5. In rare cases, the patient is prescribed a surgical procedure. Such a measure is necessary in the event that the inflammation of the sciatic nerve affected the work of the pelvic organs.

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Doctors do not tire of repeating that the sooner you find yourself worrying symptoms of inflammation and see a doctor, the easier it will be to get rid of the disease.

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