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Why do we need vaginal training and what benefits can they bring?

But if we talk about such training purely forIncreasing the pleasure from sex is not necessary, then giving birth should pay more attention. If prepared in advance, the muscles of the vagina will become more elastic. This means that it will be easier for a woman to give birth and she will be able to avoid ruptures during childbirth.

A Few Exercises

The method of strengthening the muscles of the vagina with special exercises was invented by gynecologist Arnold Kegel. His technique helped not only to cure urinary incontinence, but also to recover from childbirth.

  1. The first thing you need to know is where these muscles are and feel them. Only after this you can start training. To do this, try to delay the flow of urine during a trip to the toilet.

  2. After such a procedure, you can proceed to theTraining. The "squeezing and holding" exercise should be done at least twenty times a day. Try to squeeze the muscles of the vagina and keep them in this position from ten seconds to five minutes. Classes can be conducted in absolutely any pose: standing, sitting or lying down.
  3. Then you can proceed to more complexTraining. They are especially suitable for women who are preparing for childbirth. Alternately, squeeze and unclench the muscles of the sphincter and vagina. Exercise should be done quickly: first, squeeze and unfasten the muscle of the anal opening, and then the vagina. Repeat ten times. Try to keep the rhythm of breathing during the exercise.
  4. Now you can start more complexExercises. We begin to train the internal muscles of the vagina. Ideally, you will need special items for this purpose, which are sold in sex shops. To do the exercise, imagine that you want to push some object out of yourself. You can do this during sexual intercourse.

Important! If immediately after the birth you did not manage to feel your intimate muscles, do not get discouraged. This does not mean that they will remain so always. Just need to start doing exercises to strengthen them almost from the first day after childbirth.

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A few tips

  • In order to achieve the desired result, exercises need to be done very often. It is recommended to repeat the complex of the four exercises described above eight times a day
  • Undoubtedly, the advantage is thatIntimate muscles can be absolutely anywhere: standing in public transport or sitting at work at the computer. The surrounding people will not notice your manipulations anyway.
  • To adjust the training mode, tie exercises to some actions that you often repeat during the day or set a reminder on the phone.

Possible consequences

It happens that intense training leads to undesirable results. Here's what can happen after the start of training:

  1. Muscle pain. The intimate muscles of the vagina do not differ from the others. Therefore, with unaccustomed use, you may experience a buildup. This is perfectly normal. But if you have serious problems with gynecology, it is better to consult a doctor, because diseases such as polycystic or fibroids prohibit such training.
  2. Monthly began earlier, and the discharge became moreIntensive in the early days. This happens quite often and there is nothing wrong with that. Just do not exercise too much during menstruation.
  3. Excitation. Because of the blood flowing to the genitals, you can experience a lot of excitement. If it is very strong, you can take a short break in training.

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Even if you do not have the mood or physical strength to perform the whole complex, try to do these exercises at least to a minimum. Yes, the result will come more slowly, but it will all appear.

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