/ / Harm, which can cause the body metabolic failure.

Harm that can cause the body to malfunction the metabolism.

It would seem, why? After the violation of the exchange does not cause any painful sensations. But in the future it can lead to serious diseases, for example, diabetes or obesity.

What could be the reason?

Before the beginning of restoration of a metabolism, it is necessary to understand, that has entailed failure.

  • Incorrect food. Fans of hard diets and fasting days will sooner or later lead to a metabolic disorder. This also includes a constant overeating or a full meal once a day.

  • Constant nervous tension and stress
  • Metabolism in women can be disrupted with age. When a woman comes out of childbearing age, her sex hormones cease to be produced, which leads to a metabolic disorder.
  • People who smoke or abuse alcohol, too, sooner or later will face this problem, since harmful substances have a negative effect on metabolism.
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Worms and other parasites
  • Recently suffered severe diseases

Symptoms of violations

You can independently notice that something is wrong with the body, drawing attention to the special signs that may be symptoms of abnormalities in metabolic processes.

  1. A sharp change in body weight. This includes both weight gain and a sharp reduction in weight.

  2. Periodic sore throat, not associated with infectious diseases.
  3. A constant feeling of hunger or thirst.
  4. Failures in the cycle of menstruation or the onset of menopause.
  5. Emotional instability from constant irritability to complete apathy and depression. Propensity for hysterics or causeless tears.
  6. Trembling in the hands and chin.
  7. Increased hair growth on the hands and face, acne.

If you notice one or severalListed above signs, you should immediately seek advice from the endocrinologist. The doctor will be able to prescribe hormonal medications that will normalize the metabolism and help the gland produce hormones correctly.

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How is this disorder treated?

First of all, you need to know that yourselfTake any medication is strictly not recommended. At best, you will not achieve any result, and at worst - cause more serious violations.

  • Immediately it is worth noting that the treatment of metabolic disorders is quite complex and long-lasting.
  • With genetic disorders, treatment lasts a long time, and a person is constantly required to observe a doctor.
  • If this process is acquired, then in the firstTurn should start with the normalization of the diet. Doctors recommend reducing the intake of carbohydrates and fats of animal origin, and taking food in small portions, but more often.
  • Since nervous instability also affects metabolic disorders, doctors also recommend consulting a psychiatrist and undergoing a course of treatment.
  • It is recommended to increase the number of physical activities. Thanks to them, the body will burn more actively burned energy, which will lead to a gradual weight loss.

As you can see, the basis of treatment is not so muchMedicamental influence, how many revealing the causes of the disturbance and the impact on them. The difficulty will be that in many ways you will have to change your habits in eating and lifestyle, but health is much more important.

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