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Means that help relieve a loved one of alcohol dependence.

How does it all begin?

Because drinking is a fairly long period, it is important to know how it can begin.

  • Initially, a person consumes a rather large amount of alcohol and the next morning he has a hangover
  • To ease his condition, a person drinks a new dose of alcohol, and drunkenness continues
  • Every day the amount of alcoholic beverage that a person drinks to alleviate their suffering, gradually increases and begins drinking.

Why is it necessary to help a person in this state?

In addition to that the drinker simply kills his body with poisons that are contained in alcohol and gradually ruins his health.

  • The body begins to use all its reserves to function normally, constantly suffering from severe intoxication
  • Livers and kidneys are shown to remove a large number of products of the decomposition of ethanol, gradually worsening their work
  • Too active work of the digestive system and the genitourinary system can lead to increased blood pressure and abnormalities in the work of the heart
  • Gradually, alcohol saturates the cells and becomes as important an element of metabolism as water and oxygen

Methods of deducing from the binge

The decision to go to a special clinic or leave the booze independently of each person or family takes on their own, based on the severity of the condition.

Hospital treatment

  1. The simplest and most effective way -Medicamentous. So you will be sure that the person will be under the constant supervision of the doctor. Patients often develop aggression towards themselves and others, the reluctance to live and even attempt to commit suicide.
  2. When hospitalized, the patient isDroppers with medications that help to quickly remove the serious condition, the tremor of the hands disappears, the pressure, the work of the heart and the digestive tract normalizes.
  3. All medicines are selected taking into account the individual characteristics of the patient and the severity of the condition in which he resides.

Folk methods

If a person does not have the means to consult a doctor, folk methods can be used.

  • To quickly remove the state of intoxication, dilute a teaspoon of ammonia in a glass of water and give a drink in a few sips.
  • Drink a lot of juices, preferably citrus or mineral water "Borjomi".
  • Teas based on herbs. You can take almost any herbs and steal them with boiling water. Preference is given to St. John's wort, mint, yarrow, ginger and juniper.
  • Even if a person does not have an appetite, it should be fed with broths and included in the diet of vitamin complexes.
  • Some people prefer to gradually takeA person from a state of constant intoxication with the same alcohol. If the patient does not show obvious signs of aggression, you can gradually limit the amount of alcohol consumed. But this method is far from being considered effective by all.

In any case, you need to closely monitorThe state of a person in a drinking bout. He can have serious health problems: arrhythmia, stroke, heart attack, white fever and even epilepsy. Therefore, it is still better to put a person in a specialized clinic or at least call a narcologist for advice on the home.

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