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Why can there be a black chair in an adult or a child.


Black feces in adults and children

Any changes in color may indicate that something is wrong with the body. This is especially true when the feces turn black.


Before you panic and present terrible diseases, you should carefully study, because of what the feces can turn black.

  1. Food. If you ate a lot of red beets, prunes, blueberries, currants or dark grapes, in the chair there may appear elements of dark color or it will completely turn into a dark color. Do not panic. As a rule, the normal color is restored after a few days.
  2. Medications that contain a lot of iron. They are mainly used to treat anemia. This includes drugs that contain bismuth or activated carbon. And in the first, and in the second case, resort to treatment is not necessary. Just exclude from the diet products and drugs that can cause unusual stool color.

    Why black stools
  3. Diseases. This is the most unpleasant reason. A black chair that has been observed for a fairly long time indicates internal bleeding with ulcers, tumors, or varicose veins of the esophagus.
  4. The black color of stool indicates that the bloodPassed a rather long path through the intestines and managed to bake. It is important to pay attention to other concomitant symptoms. For example, bloody vomiting indicates problems with the stomach. In addition, general weakness, pale skin and mucous membranes, as well as dizziness, can be observed.
  5. In pregnant women, black feces can be associated with the intake of vitamin complexes, rich in iron. But if such drugs are not prescribed, it is necessary to visit a gastroenterologist.

Black feces in adults and children

Since the consistency of the stool can also beDifferent, it is worth paying attention to it. For example, black worms, which are especially often seen in children, may appear due to the frequent use of a banana. They can be confused with worms, but all intestinal parasites are only white or yellowish in color.

Black callus - a sign of what an adult: treatment
  • Liquid black feces appears due to internal bleeding. It can be caused by an ulcer or cancer. Be sure to consult a doctor.
  • With an admixture of blood. If the stool itself is dark, but it clearly shows clots of blood, just as you can not postpone the visit to the doctor. This can be a sign of very serious intestinal diseases.
  • After the operation, this phenomenon indicatesInternal hemorrhage. This is especially true when surgery was performed in the abdominal area. Be sure to inform your doctor.
  • In newborns, the black color of the stool is most often completely normal, since the digestive tract of the babies is not exactly the same as in adults.
  • To address to the doctor costs or stands only in the event that the black-green chair at the baby is accompanied by a morbid kind.

The gastroenterologists themselves say that for anyChanges in color feces that last longer than three days, you must definitely go to the hospital. Only there, with the help of analyzes and research, will specialists be able to determine the cause of the phenomenon and prescribe the correct treatment.

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