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The optimal weight loss rate

Any diet has the main goal - to eliminateFatty deposits. However, the rate of weight loss is not equal to this disposal. Rapid weight loss is mainly due to the fact that the fluid is lost. By the way it is recovering too quickly. If you sit on a stiff fast diet, then after the loss of fluid will begin to break down muscle tissue, and it burns some calories. And this in turn will have a detrimental effect on health in general, and after the completion of the diet threatens a quick set of extra pounds. In addition, the destroyed muscle tissue begins to be replaced with fat tissue, so the condition only worsens and every time you lose the newly gained extra pounds become more difficult. Therefore, give preference to healthy diets that lose weight gradually and safely to the body.

The optimal speed for losing weight.

Safe weight loss is calculatedNot at all difficult. For energy expenditure, one kilogram of fat tissue is equal to 7700 calories. And if you burn more than 1100 calories every day, than in a week, you lose 1 kilogram of weight per week: seven days x 1100 calories = 1 kilogram. And this is the maximum permissible speed of weight loss with a healthy diet. And if you constantly adhere to the rules of healthy eating, you can throw 52 kilograms per year. And the result will remain with you forever. In addition, from the use of such a diet will not have negative consequences, because losing weight occurs only by burning fatty deposits.

Losing extra pounds with physical exercises.

However, it should be taken into account that the physicalWill give quick weight loss. During training, muscles are first strengthened and metabolism is accelerated. And you begin to lose weight by reducing the volume: begins to pull up the muscle tissue, acquiring clear shapes. In addition, training will help burn the calories you consume, which will lead to the loss of fatty deposits while doing so without any destruction of muscle tissue. And although the process of losing weight is slow, but compared with the daily significant restriction of calories, it is more healthy.

Optimum calorie deficit.

All weight loss programs are developed with oneThe goal is to create a calorie deficit. This means that you have to burn more calories every day than you eat with food. Deficiency of calories should make 20-25%, this percent is an optimally safe speed of growing thin. But here you should also take into account that the exact percentage of calories will depend on your age, sex, physical activity. If you eat 2000 kcal per day, then you should spend 2500 kcal: 2000 calories x 0, 25 calories = 500 kcal.

To achieve the required caloric deficit,You can eat low-calorie meals or do physical exercises. But the best course is to combine these two ways to maintain health when losing weight.

But keep in mind that all these figures are approximate,Because you can determine the exact safe slimming speed, as well as choose the method of creating a calorie deficit, you can only, since it is you who know your own organism and your individual indicators.

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