/ / The concept of antimulylerov hormone (AMG) and its effect on the ability to give birth to a child.

The concept of the Antimiller hormone (AMG) and its effect on the ability to give birth to a child.

In this article, we will discuss in more detail about this hormone, its norms, and also increased and decreased levels.

When is the analysis scheduled?

There are a number of problems in which this analysis is assigned:

  • Problems with ovum fertilization
  • Infertility of unknown origin
  • Unsuccessful attempts of IVF, when ovules do not respond enough to stimulation
  • Polycystic or other ovarian tumors
  • When diagnosing premature or delayed puberty

Preparation and analysis

In order to correctly pass the analysis to the Atnymyler hormone (AMG), you need to prepare in advance for it.

  1. Traditionally, tests are taken on the third dayMenstrual cycle. Three days before the test, you need to reduce physical activity and maximally eliminate the impact of stress. The research will have to be abandoned if the patient has an acute infectious disease.
  2. Venous blood is taken to conduct research.
  3. Lab technicians use a special serum to determine the level of the hormone. Most often, these studies take two days.

Norm and abnormalities in hormone levels

For women and men, the normal level of AMG is different. In girls, it ranges from 1 to 2.5 ng / mg. At the stronger sex - 0,49-5,98 ng / mg.

Any deviation from the norm shows that there are some violations in the woman's body. In order to receive treatment, you must always consult an endocrinologist.

Elevated levels of the hormone

  • Polycystic ovary
  • Delay in sexual development
  • Mutations of receptors
  • Tumors of the ovaries

Low level

  • Menopause
  • Premature puberty
  • Obesity at a late stage of development

Methods of treatment

When you have the tests on hand and you see deviations from the norm, do not immediately panic, give up and give up the fight for pregnancy.

  • If the analysis shows an elevated level of AMG,Hence, the ovaries of a woman function incorrectly. In this case, ultrasound examination and re-surrender of the test are first of all appointed, since external factors could influence the result.
  • Reduced levels of Antimyuller hormone, tooShows that the woman's body is not all right. To raise its level is impossible, since this indicator is affected by the number of full-grown eggs that can lead to the conception of a child.
  • In the latter case, doctors usually stimulate the work of the ovaries to get as many healthy eggs as can be fertilized.

AMG in men

As in women, this hormone can showinfertility. The development of this hormone in boys begins in the womb and continues throughout life, and increases during puberty. In adulthood, when a representative of the stronger sex is ready for the continuation of the genus, the level of the Antimyuller hormone decreases and stays at about the same level.

Deviations in indicators may indicateThat a guy or a man is not doing the right process of puberty, malfunctions began in the hormonal background or problems with the functions of the genital organs began.

Although doctors unanimously repeat thatAffect the level of this hormone is impossible, do not despair and consider that failures in AMG led to the fact that you will never have children. The analysis is just an indicator of a malfunction or illness, and having cured it, you will be able to give birth to a healthy baby.

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