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Methods to combat sleep disorders and drugs that can help in this.

How to deal with sleep disorders?

It is worth noting that the independent choiceA sleeping pill is just a temporary remedy. Regular use of certain drugs is addictive. Yes, you can actually fall asleep, but in the morning you will feel overwhelmed and not at all rested.

  • Consult a physician-somnologist who will give you some tips on sleep hygiene. Perhaps you do not need to buy a strong sleeping pills
  • Buy sleeping pills without a prescription is possible, but they are not harmless means, because they cause dependence
  • It is impossible to take such drugs on a regular basis. The maximum duration of the course is two weeks.

Which preparation to choose?

Suppose you still decided on your ownFight with insomnia and buy some sleeping pills. Strong funds are only available on prescription. But there are also those that can be purchased without the appointment of a doctor.

  • Melaxen. This is a relative soft medicine that is released in tablets. It is recommended to take one tablet forty minutes before the expected sleep. As you know, many strong sleeping pills cause addiction and a decrease in activity during the day. But this does not apply to Melaxen, if you take it in small doses and not longer than two weeks.
  • Donormil accelerates sleep and makes sleep phasesMore profound. It is recommended to take a tablet for half a day for five days. In rare cases, dosage is increased to one tablet. If you do not exceed the duration of the course, you will be sure that the drug will not become addictive.
  • Tincture of valerian or drops of motherwort. These folk remedies are considered the most mild because of their natural origin. If you have the opportunity to collect or buy these herbs, you can make sleeping pills yourself.
  • Valocordin is also a very strong sleeping pill, which not only affects sleep disorders, but also has a general calming effect. Corvalol also has the same effect.
  • Without a prescription you can also buy NovoPassit or Persen. They are aimed not so much at fighting insomnia as in restoring the nervous system, so their action is rather mild and does not cause habituation.

How to make sleeping pills yourself?

Various tinctures, which can have a beneficial effect on the quality and duration of sleep, can be made at home.

  • To do this, use herbal collections based on valerian, motherwort, peppermint and hawthorn.
  • Pour dry herbs with boiling water and leave to infuse in a warm place, then strain.
  • Later they are taken in the form of such broths as necessary.
  • By the same principle, you can prepare an alcohol tincture. Although its effect is not so strong, but in some cases helps to fall asleep and calm down.

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If you can not fall asleep, take a quickSleeping pills will only be a temporary solution to the problem. First of all, you need to understand the causes of insomnia and try to eliminate them. The easiest way will be walking outdoors before going to bed and not having too much dinner. In any case, if you can not fall asleep, do not start taking a quick sleeping pill yourself, but first of all get a doctor's advice.

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