/ / When there are smearing traces and the possible reasons for their appearance.

When there are smearing traces and the probable causes of their appearance.

However, they can also be a sign of violationsIn the reproductive system, but it directly depends at what period they occur: before the menstruation, in the middle of the cycle, during pregnancy or after sexual intercourse. Since this problem can be quite serious, you need to deal with it in more detail.

Causes and color of vaginal discharge

The cause of this phenomenon can be determined by color. It can range from light brown to dark and saturated. This may indicate certain problems and diseases.

  • Light can be a consequence of infection of the genital tract, sexually transmitted infections or small cervical lesions
  • The darker the selection, the more serious theproblem. Such a dark color indicates that there are coagulated blood in the genitals. It can appear due to injuries and diseases in the vagina, uterus or cervix
  • On daily pads, there may be occasional smearing. In young girls, they indicate puberty, and older women may be one of the symptoms of menopause.

The most common reasons are:

  • Brown discharge in newborn girlsCan appear already in the first days after birth. This is due to hormonal changes, since the baby's organism reacts very sensitively to their overabundance in the mother's body.
  • During puberty, young girls tooCan face this phenomenon. If they are not too abundant and have no smell, this can be a sign of the approaching menstruation. But it is still worthwhile to see a doctor, they can also be a consequence of violations in the organs of the reproductive system.
  • Women of reproductive age faceThis problem most often. In any case, this is an alarming sign, which may be a harbinger of hormonal imbalances, the presence of inflammation of the uterus and cervix or cancer.

Time of occurrence

A key role is played by the time when brown discharge appears.

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After monthly

In the last days of menstruation, this is quite normal, which does not indicate any violations.

But when the spotting continues moreTwo days, it can say that a woman has an injury to the cervix or vagina. The cause may be and hormonal disruptions associated with long-term use of drugs.

Sometimes the same discharge can occur after a visit to a gynecologist or sexual intimacy, if there is erosion of the cervix, which leads to mucosal injury.

In the middle of the cycle

Brown discharge at this time is directEvidence of ovulation. But at the same time, they talk about a strong hormonal leap in the body. And although this phenomenon is not very common, it can be accompanied by tension in the abdomen and painful sensations.

Another probable cause may be a tumor or disease of the uterus and its cervix. The first month of taking contraceptives on hormones can also lead to such secretions.

Before the onset of menstruation

Most often, such spotting can be the beginning of an early onset of menstruation, which is associated with a sharp increase in physical activity, a change in climatic zone or stress.

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During pregnancy

In the first few weeks, not too abundantBrown discharge with blood can indicate that the embryo is implanted to the uterus. But if they last too long, intense and numerous, it is worth immediately contacting a doctor, as this is a direct sign of a threat of miscarriage.

In whatever conditions a woman does not appearBrown discharge from the vagina, it is necessary to inform your gynecologist about it. Ignoring this process can lead to aggravation of diseases that have caused smearing traces.

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