/ The difference between sensual and erotic massage. Recommendations for its conduct.

The difference between sensual and erotic massage. Recommendations for its conduct.

This is especially useful for women, as they are more prone to stress and fatigue.

The effect of sensual massage

Do not confuse sensual and erotic massage. The first is aimed at awakening positive emotions, while the latter is more influenced as an exciting factor.

  • After the session, the patient will feel calm and peaceful
  • In this way, you can calm the shattered nerves and cure insomnia
  • The right touch of the masseur should make the patient happy and enjoyable.

You can learn the methods of perceptual massage yourself. The most complete course was created by Natalia Kaganovich, video lessons of which will help you to master the necessary technique.

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Preparing for the session

In order for the session to be successful, it is necessary in advancePrepare for its conduct. It is better to turn off the phones in advance and lighten the lights a little. Too bright lighting will not allow you to relax. Therefore, it is better to light a candle or scented candles.

Take care also of the optimal temperature in the room. There should be enough warmth so that the patient can relax and calm down.

Rules for conducting

To achieve complete relaxation, it is worth considering some of the recommendations on which Natalia Kaganovich, a specialist in sensual massage, insists.

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  1. Be sure to remove all ornaments.
  2. It is better not to start a session after a dense dinner. The optimal state is an easy feeling of hunger.
  3. Pay special attention to creams, lotions andDifferent oils. Since sensual massage has much in common with the teachings of traditional medicine, you can pick up aroma oil in accordance with the sign of the zodiac. For example, Aries smell of pine, and Taurus - bergamot. The twins will like the smell of sandalwood, Rakam - jasmine, and Lwam - incense. Virgo can relax, inhaling the smell of myrrh. Scales will be delighted with the smell of roses, Scorpions - patchouli, with Lavrenty helping Sagittarius. For Capricorns, it is better to choose an ambre, Aquarius - lemongrass, and Pisces - cedar oil.
  4. To emotional relaxation had alsoHealing effect, you need to perform massage movements correctly. Legs should be kneaded from below upwards, sides - in a direction to armpits. Razminaya neck gradually descend down to the shoulders, and the thorax - away from the center.
  5. When the stroking of the skin is over, and the whole bodyThe patient is evenly covered with massage oil, you can start rubbing. It needs to be done more intensively, adhering to the same directions of movement as in the previous stage.
  6. Choose the right position and position. The patient should lie on his back or stomach, and the masseur should stand over him.
  7. A professional masseuse can combineReceptions of perceptual massage with a deeper effect on the human body. Due to this, it is possible to achieve a therapeutic effect on the skin, joints and vessels.

In order to completely relax,It is not necessary to visit a specialist. Moreover, after a sensual massage you hardly want to jostle in transport or stand in traffic, again putting your nerves to the test. You can learn massage techniques together with your partner to help each other relax after a hard day's work.

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