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Making a diet menu for a week for proper weight loss.

Basic principles of proper diet for weight loss

The most common mistake thatPeople who try to get rid of extra pounds, are fasting. At first they have a chance to lose weight, but eventually he returns. This is due to the fact that a balanced diet is not observed. Therefore, first we will consider the simple principles of proper nutrition, and later - several options for a dietary diet for a week.

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  1. Balanced diet. First of all, the daily dose of proteins, fats and carbohydrates should correspond to the norm - about 30-40 g of proteins and from 25 to 35 g of fats.
  2. Stick to the "rule of the plate". Conditionally divide the contents of the plate into 3 parts: 50% are vegetables and greens, 25% are complex carbohydrates (for example, cereals or legumes) and the remaining 25% are proteins (fish, meat, seafood).
  3. The right combination of products. For rapid weight loss you need to take into account the digestibility of nutrients from foods and their combination among themselves - for example, eating carrots with sour cream, red fish with vegetable oil, etc.
  4. When hungry, quench your thirst. Sometimes, when you want to eat, your body actually wants to drink. To distinguish between hunger and thirst, drink a glass of water - if the feeling of hunger does not pass, then you can eat.
  5. Give up semifinished products and fast food - they contain too many carcinogenic substances, so cook yourself. So you, at least, will be assured of the contents of your diet menu.
  6. Thoroughly chew food - about 40 times, as it promotes its better digestion - forget about the habit of snacking on the go.
  7. Do not skip breakfast - the first meal should take place at most one hour after waking up, as energy is consumed by the body even in sleep.

Components of proper diet for weight loss

  • Foods rich in fiber, so the preference is given to vegetables and fruits. The maximum limit on their number is not, but you should eat at least 400 grams of vegetables and fruits per day.
  • Fish and seafood contain a large number of proteins. However, it is better to take fresh fish for cooking, since up to 70% of proteins are lost during freezing.
  • An integral component of the diet for a week arePorridge. Rice is digested for a long time, because it acts as a source of long carbohydrates, but removes slag and excess liquid. Buckwheat contains a lot of useful microelements, even more than in the oatmeal.

Diet menu options for the week

Diet for the week # 1:

  1. Breakfast consists of porridge with vegetables or low-fat cottage cheese with low-fat yoghurt. A couple of hours after the first meal, you can have a snack with fruits, nuts or dried fruits.
  2. For lunch, cook soup, a salad of vegetables and a dish of meat. In a few hours you can eat some vegetables and a boiled egg.
  3. For dinner, make fish for a couple or a grill, and on a garnish pick vegetables at your discretion: boiled, baked, fresh or stewed.

Between meals should drink 0.5 liters of water.

Diet for the week # 2:

  1. Breakfast: meat with garnish - rice or mashed potatoes, salad, tea with lemon or herbal. A snack costs fruit or nuts.
  2. Lunch: bread toasts with fish and salad or wild rice with vegetables. You can drink mint tea or mineral water with a lemon. For a snack, low-fat yogurt is suitable.
  3. Dinner: skim curd and a glass of water with lemon.

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It is not difficult to adhere to such a diet, especially since diets for a week are rather mild, but no one will dispute the benefits from them.

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