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Than is useful massage of a neck of a uterus. Indications for gynecological massage.

Indications of obstetricians for gynecological massage

This procedure is carried out in the last trimesterPregnancy, is shown to all, without exception, future mothers. Also, similar sessions of massaging the uterus are recommended for women suffering from infertility. Its main task is stimulation of cervical ripening, giving elasticity, improving blood circulation. Stimulation of maturation is necessary, first of all, to avoid rupture of the cervix, which can provoke heavy bleeding. Elasticity is necessary in order to provide the necessary stretching of the vagina during the passage of the child along it. Improved blood circulation of the uterus is a guarantee of her health and prevention of stagnant phenomena. As you can see, the role of this procedure is difficult to overestimate, and therefore we advise you not to neglect it in the last months before giving birth.

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What is the cervix massage?

This massage must be performedA qualified obstetrician-gynecologist with strict observance of all the techniques of performing this massage. At the time of the procedure, the woman should be in a horizontal position, her relaxation should be maximum. Before the massage begins, the doctor can take advantage of evening primrose oil, which can soften the internal tissues. During the session, it is recommended to breathe deeply, which relieves excess muscle tension. Basically, this massage does not cause discomfort and painful sensations. If you have a low pain threshold, then a little pressing pain is possible.

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Is it possible to perform the massaging of the uterus?

Do this event yourselfIt is unsafe and extremely inconvenient. Wrong technique of execution, pressure is not at those points, the infection is all fraught with bad consequences, both for the woman and her fetus. Therefore, we recommend not to engage in amateur activities, in order to avoid trouble. But there is an excellent alternative to uterine massage - this is sex or the so-called popular muzheperapiya. Correctly selected pose and pace allow improving blood circulation, and a male seed, which is so rich in prostaglandin sex hormone), will bring the cervix to the desired elasticity and make the process of its maturation more rapid. Before sexual intercourse, it is very important to observe hygiene. Frequency and pressure from frictions should be moderate.

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If you do not ignore such preventionGynecological massage, you can worry about the successful course of labor. As for the girls, whose diagnosis is infertility, then with the regular execution of this massage and other recommendations of the gynecologist, a complete cure for this problem is possible. Let your health never fail you!

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