/ On which days of the cycle is it possible to get pregnant?

In which days of the cycle is it possible to become pregnant?

How do girls navigate the menstrual cycle?

The reckoning of the menstrual cycle is usually consideredThe first day of the onset of menstruation. It is a mistake to assume that the cycle begins with the end of the bloody discharge. Typically, menstruation lasts about 3-5 days and this is exactly the period when the probability of becoming pregnant is the minimum percentage. A week from the end of the month is also considered a safe time. If about 12-16 days have passed since the beginning of menstruation, then this time is most favorable for conception of the child, since at that moment ovulation occurs. After this peak, the probability of fertilization with every day goes down, but with sexual intercourse it is still better to use methods of protection. These indicators are most typical for women, whose cycle is 28-30 days. In some cases, the interval between ovulation may be 23-24 days or altogether 34-36. Such girls easily make mistakes in the calculation of safe days and it is quite possible to get pregnant during or on the last day of menstruation.

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But even with a normal cycle, cases are not uncommon,When the girl was pregnant even on "safe" days. This can be directly related to hormonal changes in the body. It is possible, on the eve of conception, the girl used foods that contain a natural analogue of the female hormone estrogen, which could provoke earlier maturation of the egg. This food list includes: bran, apricots, beans, coffee and beverages based on hops. Therefore, be more attentive to your diet.

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Can I get pregnant on the last day or right after the menstrual period?

As already mentioned, that the female body is purelyIndividual and even with normal cyclicity and correct calculation of "safe" periods, fertilization is possible. Therefore, it will be useful to listen to your body and recognize the sensations of ovulation. So, what symptoms are typical for a matured egg:

  • Slight tingling in the lower abdomen
  • A sharp increase in libido
  • Mild bleeding
  • Unreasonable mood swings

Two or more of the above signs indicate that your body is experiencing ovulation and is clearly ready for fertilization.

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Also, in order to be sure ofIt is recommended to keep a diary of basal temperature. During the ovulatory days, the basal temperature rises by 2-3 divisions. But the best way to avoid doubt is the use of additional contraception. If the partner is constant and proven, the intrauterine device, vaginal suppositories, birth control pills will perfectly suit. If not, then the most proven way to prevent pregnancy and sexually transmitted diseases is a condom.

As you can see, everything is individual, you can get pregnantAnd on the last day of the month, and the first. Therefore, if you are not sure about your cycle, then it is better to use additional methods of protection. Be healthy!

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