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Tips and advice how to get rid of the pain in the pancreas.

Symptoms of the disease are obvious: Because they are pronounced. Especially, sharp pains are observed in those patients who are sick with pancreatitis. This pain can most often be localized in the peripodal region, and also spread to the back. Patients note that the pain intensifies after a plentiful meal, taking alcoholic beverages. In addition to the appearance of pain, there is a noticeable heaviness in the abdomen, often a swelling, and nausea. Not so often, but still there is vomiting. And, even she does not bring relief. The patient notes that the pain in the pancreas only increases.

If you decide to treat yourself, thenRemember that in this way you can damage your health. Before you start treatment without a doctor, weigh all the risks. But it is recommended to consult a treating doctor.

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Than to remove a pain in a pancreas urgently?

To quickly get rid of the pain, take no-shpu. This is a common and unique remedy that does not have a negative effect on the digestive system. It not only fights with spasms, but also expands the pancreatic ducts. Did they feel pain in the pancreas after a dense dinner? Then wash the stomach first, after drinking a considerable amount of liquid.

How to relieve pancreatic pain?

Excellent are the following drugs: "Festal", "Mezim" and "Pancreatin". It is enough only one tablet a day to improve your health. After consumption, the pancreas ceases to ache, since the medicines contain special enzymes, which it produces. To urgently remove the pain, you must use a hot-water bottle with ice. If there is no hot water in the house, then you can moisten the napkin in cold water and place it in the freezer for fifteen or twenty minutes. After that, attach to the left side.

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How to relieve pain in the pancreas at home?

Doctors recommend adhering to a specialRegime, abandon many products. The first days are generally recommended to give up eating, and drink only mineral water. Refuse to eat for a day, two, three, that is for as many days as your body will withstand. After that, gradually start to boil fish and vegetables, eat chicken. Do not eat fatty foods, at least for a while. The pain in the pancreas will pass some time after the diet. Do not hesitate and go to the doctor, go through ultrasound of the digestive system.

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Other medications, as well as methods of treatment should be prescribed by a qualified doctor. If it is acute pancreatitis, then the treatment should be in the hospital.

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