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Pain in the heel: the causes and folk methods of treating the heel spur

In the modern world, the disease has received a widePublicity, because the pain in the heel has become a constant companion of many people, especially women who prefer shoes with high rebounds and men who are overweight (the foot does not withstand body weight).

Pain in the heel: treatment and recommendations of doctors

Doctors emphasize that getting rid of the diseaseIt is possible, but it is not necessary to engage in self-medication in the first place, but to come to see a doctor, undergo a series of examinations and get professional treatment, based on a whole complex: medical treatment, physiotherapy procedures and exercise therapy.

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Before you follow this advice, and during the treatment procedures, start yourself to perform simple actions that relieve pain in the heel:

  • Daily to collect warm baths for feet, adding salt (iodized or curative), soda and usual soap. It is recommended to take the baths in the morning and in the evening;
  • Before going to bed, apply the heating pad to the feet - it can be filled with water, warm sand or be in the form of an ordinary tissue bag with warm salt in the interior;
  • Be sure to massage using special ointments based on voltaren or diclofenac, then put on warm socks.

It is not worthwhile to completely reject the traditional means of treating the calcaneal spur. Completely get rid of the disease due to them is unlikely, but improve for a while and feel better and take off the pain possible.

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Folk methods of treatment of heel spurs

It is very important that you understand, allThe following methods of treating the heel spur at home will in no way replace professional medical treatment and serve as additional ways to get rid of pain. There are two good means:

  1. Preparation of acacia tincture: Pour one part of the white flowers in three parts diluted with alcohol or vodka. Let's brew a little, warm up the mixture and rub the foot completely. After use, it is advisable to keep your feet warm for an hour. This will help improve blood circulation and reduce pain;
  2. Usual laundry soapGrater, dilute several tablespoons of vodka or alcohol and put on fire. As soon as the soap is melted and a little cool, attach to the heel, making a compress for the night.

Experienced doctors recommend avoiding any advice,Associated with the use of vinegar compresses. No such advantage of traditional medicine will bring any significant benefit, but there is a high risk of burning your skin on your legs and healing from burns. Avoid active physical exertion on the aching heel.

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Prophylaxis of calcaneal spur

It does not matter if you have a disease at the moment or not, to avoid it or speed up the recovery you need to follow the following recommendations:

  • Do not overstrain your feet. The connective tissue during strong physical exertion can lose elasticity and burst, causing severe pain and inflammation;
  • Avoid wearing uncomfortable shoes, choose heels with low pins in which it is comfortable to walk;
  • Use orthopedic pads for shoes if you suffer from flat feet;
  • At the first signs of illness, go to the doctor and start using the advice from the article: take salt baths, rub the heel with ointments and keep it warm.

Remember that no one is better than you can nottake care of your own health. Do not play roulette, address to professionals, do not use doubtful national methods of treatment of a calcaneal spur with use of acetic mixtures and physical loads on a foot, after all standard enough effective medical methods of treatment of pains in a foot are enough time proven.

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