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How to understand that you are pregnant with signs in the early days?

What are the signs of early pregnancy?

Until the next month there may be moreEnough time and many girls before the start of the delay do not even suspect that they are in an "interesting" position. And all because they do not have a certain knowledge of the first symptoms during pregnancy.

The earliest common symptom is mild dizziness or nausea. Especially these sensations increase in the morning, after awakening.

It is worthwhile to be alert, if you have become a littleTo ache a bottom of a stomach or belly. A weak pulling pain is a very frequent phenomenon during the implantation and fixation of a fertilized egg on the uterine wall. Once you start to feel like that, you can safely buy a test to confirm the result.

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Also at the beginning of pregnancy are characteristicMucous clear odorless discharge, the abundance of which is negligible. If you are alarmed by white, abundant discharge with an acidic odor, then know that you are most likely a thrush. This fungal disease does not affect the fetus in any way, but it essentially brings the discomfort to the woman. Bloody discharge suggests that you need to urgently show your doctor, as this may well be an ectopic pregnancy.

Swelling of the mammary glands is an indispensable sign of the pregnancy that has begun. Also you can feel some soreness and small discharge with a weak milk smell (colostrum).

You will want to sleep more. Of course, recently many suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome, but the pregnant girl will immediately understand that something is wrong with her body. Unreasonable craving for sleep, a heavy awakening - these are all the first bells of the fact that you will soon become a mother.

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The most basic sign of pregnancy is toxicosis

It is difficult to find a woman who does not feel onEarly terms of its position "delights" of toxicosis. The most important symptom of this syndrome is vomiting. Most often it occurs in the morning hours or with the smell of a product (often pregnant women react to a sweet and smoked smell).

Sharp change of taste and gastronomyPreferences. About this invented a lot of anecdotes, but pregnant at this moment is not to laugh. The desire to taste something non-standard, for example, laundry soap or chalk, is also a manifestation of toxicosis.

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As you can see, these signs of definitionPregnancy early in life is quite specific. But nevertheless we recommend for 100% of confidence to make a test or to address to the gynecologist. The earlier you become registered, the better it will be for you and your future baby.

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