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Can pregnancy go monthly?

Why during pregnancy can go monthly?

If you already know about your "interesting"Position, then whatever allocation is not gone - this is not menstruation. The thing is that the monthly can not go during pregnancy, because during this period the maturation of eggs is stopped, and therefore the rejection of the endometrium along with the blood does not occur. Most often the appearance of bloody discharge occurs for the following reasons:

  • The moment of implantation of a fertilized egg toThe wall of the uterus can sometimes injure small vessels, which, in turn, causes slight bleeding. This happens, but most often the process of implantation occurs completely unnoticed. Also, if a fertilized egg could not be implanted before the onset of menstruation, bleeding may occur. The cell is not washed out of the body, you can not worry.
  • Disturbed or reconstructing hormonal backgroundCan also cause this phenomenon. The fact is that during pregnancy there is a sharp increase in the level of progesterone and gonadotropin, which provokes discharge. There is no threat of this for either the future mother or the fetus.
  • Where more need to be worried, if it does notNot discharge, but bleeding. This can be a harbinger of a miscarriage. Very often, with profuse bleeding, cramping pains appear in the lower abdomen. At this moment it is necessary to urgently call an ambulance, because you can not only lose the baby, but also die from loss of blood.
  • Also a bad sign is the combination ofTingling pain in the left or right ovary and dark brown or bard discharges. Most likely it is an ectopic pregnancy. The test can show a positive result, as in normal pregnancy. Do not delay with a hike to the doctor, as this is very dangerous.
  • Intrauterine diseases or fetal injuries. As a rule, this happens on later terms of pregnancy. In this case, you need to urgently do an ultrasound diagnosis, take tests and find out what could be the reason.

How to prevent bleeding during pregnancy?

First of all, you need to regularly see your gynecologist. Only an experienced doctor will be able to suspect that something is wrong at the moment when everything can be fixed.

Do not forget about your emotional state. Stress is one of the frequent causes of miscarriage. Try to be less nervous, worry and look at life more positively.

A healthy diet, proper day regimen and fresh air are also a guarantee that pregnancy will proceed without complications.

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As you already understood - monthly during pregnancy is notCan be by definition. The nature of the appearance of this blood is quite different, therefore, in this case, guessing and engaging in self-medication is dangerous. Take care of yourself and be healthy!

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