/ Best remedies for sunburn.

The best means of sunburn.

Causes of sunburn, the first symptoms and folk tips for the removal of pain

How many of us would not have been warned thatThe beach needs to stay no more than two hours - we do not listen to it and we attack the same rake. Some also exacerbate the situation by sunbathing at all without applying a protective cream or lotion with UV filters. Do not forget that such a tan is not only dangerous for getting burns, but also a risk of getting pigmentation and growth of malignant and benign neoplasms. But the negative consequences can be talked for a long time, let's get down to business.

After you began to feel lightTingling and feeling hot on your skin, you must immediately take a cool shower. Just rinse, without using all sorts of gels, soaps and rubbing wool - so you will even more injure the skin.

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Once the water procedures are finished, smear itAffected areas with soda or sour cream - this will slightly reduce inflammation and reduce itching. Apple vinegar is also considered a good first aid for sunburn. But be prepared for the fact that the first sensations will not be very pleasant, since tingling is possible.

Try to drink as much as possible plain water -This will give additional moisturizing and speed up the process of tissue regeneration. At first, after a burn, it is better to exclude salty and spicy foods from the diet: salt dehydrates the body, and acute spices excite the nerve receptors, which increases pain.

Wear loose soft clothes made of linen or cotton cloth. Synthetics do not allow the skin to breathe.

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Pharmaceutical creams and other products from sunburn

To ensure that the recovery process goes much faster, we recommend that you visit the pharmacy and get effective funds for burn injuries.

The most famous is Panthenol. Externally, this drug is a can, when pressed, squeezes out a light foam without a smell. The composition of this foam includes pantothenic acid, paraffin and other special anesthetic substances, which enhance healing and reduce the feeling of discomfort.

To the list of remarkable creams with sun burns, you can add gel cream Aloe Vera, which has antiseptic and analgesic properties.

It will also be superfluous to buy any antihistamine in the pharmacy that will block excessive production of neurotransmitters, thereby reducing itching and pain with burns.

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If you comply with all the recommendations that are specified in this article, then in a day you will feel considerable relief, and the consequences of sunburn will be even faster. Let them all be good!

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