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Such useful porridges

Porridge was always a Russian national dish. This product affects the health of the entire human body. This pleasant fact is recognized by all well-known nutritionists. In cereals contains a large number of proteins necessary for the body and carbohydrates. This is able to provide the body with energy for a long period of time. Fiber and organic acids contribute to the body's absorption of fats, remove toxins and toxins, as well as heavy metals.

Buckwheat. Russia is one of the countries thatQuantities of buckwheat. A buckwheat of buckwheat groats is the most useful of all the number of groats. Buckwheat - rich in potassium, magnesium, calcium, iron. It contains many important micronutrients. Much is very much in the rump of routine. This element has an excellent effect on the walls of the vessels. The risk of heart attacks and strokes, ischemia of the heart is significantly reduced.

Buckwheat porridge is not recommended. Groats should be poured with steep boiling water, cover the pan well and leave for about three hours. You can eat with butter, honey and vegetables.

Oatmeal. All people know about it. Oatmeal is a traditional English dish. Eat it in the morning. It differs viscous consistency. Because of this, many do not like it. But the health benefits it brings are also immeasurable. Normalizes the content of cholesterol in the blood. This prevents the development of atherosclerosis.

People who want to keep a clear mind and excellentMemory, should eat this porridge daily for breakfast. A plate of cereal, prepared not from flakes, but from whole grains, provides the body with a daily norm of selenium and vitamin E. These are all recognized antioxidants.

Millet porridge. Even in ancient times Russian heroes gavePreference for this mess. Cooked from millet porridge increased efficiency, gave strength. It contains a large amount of copper, which can improve the elasticity of tissues. There is a lot of silicon in it, necessary for bones and teeth.

The millet porridge is used with meat. But more benefit from it when extinguishing with vegetables. Gourmet taste gives the pumpkin a porridge.

Ris - a favorite product of the peoples of Asia. A lot of rice is used in Japan. This prolongs their life. The Japanese are long-livers. A long Central Asian rice is very useful. It is not cleared of starch. It abounds with a huge amount of trace elements and vitamins B and E. But with frequent use of rice porridge there can be occasional constipation.

Pearl barley. This porridge is rich in lysine and phosphorus. Acts positively on the work of the brain. Positively affects the condition of the skin.

Semolina. This porridge is the best food product forSmall children and the elderly. Digesting it goes in the lower part of the intestine. Here it is absorbed and absorbed. Manka relieves the body of excess fat and mucus. It is useful to people with diseases of the intestines and stomach.

You can hear that semolina porridge is veryHigh-calorie. This is not true. Welded on water and without additives porridge will bring health only benefit. A calorie make it delicious additives: butter, jam, condensed milk. Using this dish daily, you can quickly increase your weight. Therefore, you just need to exclude additives.

Now you know what are useful for the body porridge. Include them in your daily breakfast. Such dishes are very useful for maintaining good health. Porridge will energize, increase efficiency, improve mental abilities. Porridge is the best source of health!
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