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Where to find vitamins in the winter?

So what foods should be consumed in winter to feel good? Today, let's talk about the most necessary products in winter time. Thanks to them, a person can feel full of energy.

Vitamin D. In winter, a person is simply not catastrophicallySuffice the sun. And so vitamin D should be obtained from food. This is not a problem, the main thing is not to forget to fill your body. Vitamin D is contained in oatmeal, caviar, butter, milk, fish, liver cod, cheese. If you use daily products from this list, it will boost the immune system, improve the color of skin and normalize blood pressure.

Sauerkraut. Thisoblyudo is a fermentation product, as well as kefirAnd wine. Such cabbage is much more useful than ordinary or stew. In cabbage, all useful vitamins are preserved. It consists of vitamins B, C, K and trace elements (potassium, sodium, iron, calcium, sulfur, copper, zinc, boron, silicon). During its fermentation, the product is enriched with organic acids, they are necessary for the best work of the digestive tract.

Potatoes. This product, which should not beNalegatv winter period. If in the young potatoes there are useful substances, then from this, in addition to starch, nothing will be obtained from the body. Therefore, limit your diet and cross out the potatoes for the winter. It is possible to replace the potatoes with more pleasant vegetables. Bake goodies in the oven and enjoy them, especially when there is an opportunity to buy frozen vegetables in the supermarket. Deficiency in vegetables in the winter there.

Frozen berries. But about the berries things are different. Frozen cherries, currants, strawberries are excellent sources of vitamin and microelements. They keep all the usefulness even while in the freezer. Therefore, it is safe to defrost berries and add them to yogurt. You can make delicious and usefulmusicals, protein shakes and other interesting drinks. You can cook a lot of compote. Then as a fantasy tells.

Salinity. Domestic preparations in the form of marinades,Compotes, jams and pickles are very poor in vitamins. Therefore, they should not be used. Of course, they are tasty and seem so necessary, but in fact they are a tolkunik. Serve these dishes to fill the stomach. So do not get carried away the salt, better chew carrots.

Fruits and vegetables. The World OrganizationThe healthcare advises a day to consume at least 5 servings of fruits and vegetables, each portion of 100 gr. In the winter you should not deprive yourself of vegetables and fruits. It is clear that the greenhouse will yield to the ground products for the content of useful substances, but this is not an excuse for them to refuse. The more diverse the diet will be, the better for the health and work of the organs.

Greenery. There is no difference in what form to use greens,It can be both fresh and dry. In dry form, all essential oils and trace elements will be preserved. Therefore, do not forget to add to all dishes dry greens and fill the body with vitamins.

Cranberry. Who would have thought, but in winter it was very usefulWill use cranberries. There is a huge amount of vitamin C and rare vitamin PP. He then promotes the absorption of ascorbic acid. Therefore, in winter the best source of vitamin is cranberry. It helps to increase the immunity of a person, in this matter, she simply has no equal. Iron, boron, iodine, magnesium, cari, silver and manganese are included in the composition. Cranberry is famous for its antioxidant properties. And Morse from cranberries is capable of removing slags, toxins and heavy metals from the human body.

Exotic fruits. Many people are afraid to try the exoticFear, afraid to harm your stomach. But to be honest, tokartofel too can be considered an exotic vegetable. After all, it was brought in the 17th century, as well as papaya and mango. So is it worth it to limit yourself? It is worth paying attention to kiwi, it's just an excellent source of ascorbic acid, there it is even more than in cranberries. But avocado is the most valuable product with a lot of unsaturated fatty acids. Bananas are rich in potassium, so they are so useful for the vessels of the Eyerd.

It is necessary to realize that winter food is different from summer food. Organizmuzhno even more energy to provide the body the right temperature.

Meat. In winter, we need more substantial food. And the meat will provide the necessary amount of protein and animal fats. It is best to bake or extinguish meat. Use recommended chicken or beef. Nutritionists forbid eating fried meat. After all, from him more harm than good.

Tea. Delicious green tea will help to quickly warm the bodyAfter-frost. But it's best to make tea with mint, dog rose and honey. A spice is influenced by blood circulation and improves mood. Green tea is a natural antioxidant. In very cold evenings you can afford to drink mulled wine.

Dairy. The organism needs bifido- lactobacilli,Which are involved in digestion. They can be obtained by eating fermented baked milk, yogurt and kefir. Nutritionists warn that you should not lean on sweets and desserts, they will be laid off on their sides. Milk will provide you with calcium Icalia.

Dried fruits. Nuts and dried fruits will helpMaintain the vitamin balance. This is an additional source of energy. And the most wonderful news is that these products do not affect the waist. Kushaitekeshyu, almonds, hazelnuts, walnuts, dried apricots and raisins. They contain a lot of iodine, magnesium, zinc and vitamin E.

Kashi. They have a lot of vitamin there. For example, in buckwheat there is a lot of iron and other trace elements. If you eat oatmeal for breakfast, you will feel full until lunch and there will be no temptation to eat a cake. Rice removes toxins and toxins.

The winter diet is not as lean as it seems. Therefore, it is worthwhile to show a little imagination and expand horizons. Bon Appetit!

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