/ Five reasons to wear a warm hat

Five reasons to wear a warm hat

After all, we are all seasoned, and with hair tooNothing is wrong. And in the cold we will not wander for a long time. And here is the snowball ... No, we will not wear a hat anyway. Women wear warm shoes, down jackets, wrapped in scarves, but they completely forget about hats. But there are five important reasons that will make you change your mind. There is a possibility that a girl can get sick or hurt her hair. So let's consider the important reasons why people should wear headwear in the cold season:

Disease of the ears

When it's cold, and the ears are not protected by a cap or"Ears", you can get sick. Disease of the ears is quite unpleasant. Especially hair does not protect the frost, especially if the girl's haircut is short. And during the wind they will freeze for the first time and begin to ache. As soon as you enter a warm room, they will turn red and begin to ache.

Ears can not tolerate temperature changes. And then the likelihood of otitis disease increases. Instead of otitis, a furuncle may appear in the ear canal. Very often, girls come to the lorry with a violation of the auditory nerve due to frostbite of the ears. And this disease can reduce hearing. Do not forget that near the ears are other organs - auditory canals, tonsils, mucous membranes. And violations of these organs lead to sinusitis, frontal sinusitis and angina.

At an otitis at the person the ear hurts very much, it is feltPain is izd, visible fluids, redness and fever to 38gradusov. In some cases, there is a loss of hearing. Complications lead to deafness, meningitis and acute mastoiditis. Therefore, if you did not wear a hat and uvass there are symptoms of the disease, you should immediately seek medical advice for help in order to avoid undesirable consequences.

If the weakened immune system ...

If you recently did not get sick and did not tolerateSerious illness, then wearing a hat at a positive temperature is not necessary. When the temperature is +7 degrees, you can even warm up under the sun. But when it's very cold, you should not neglect the hat.

Provided that the girl only suffered a coldOr the flu, then she is nowhere without a hat. After hypothermia the head will weaken the immunity and increase the risk of getting sick again. So you can earn chronic iostry diseases. And they can be avoided thanks to a hat. In winter, it is necessary to use vitamin complexes, they will protect the weakened organism of man.


Overcooling the head threatens a woman with meningitis. We are uneasy since childhood frightened by this disease. Of course, the disease can not be caught only in the cold. This is an inflammation of the meninges.

The disease develops during supercooling mixedWeakened immunity. If you do not treat meningitis, then later it can be a significant cause of epilepsy. The causative agents of the disease are bacteria and viruses. And you can get sick at any age. Everything depends on the state of the organism. So you should take vitamins and wear a hat.

Appearance of facial nerve abrasion

This is the most likely lesion of the facial nerve among other cranial nerves. Such a disease can cause paralysis of the facial musculature and subsequently cause severe psychological trauma.

Frost and cold wind adversely affect the nervoussystemman. Because of hypothermia, blood circulation is disrupted and blood vessels become narrower. And this can lead to neuralgia of the trigeminal and facial nerve. If you still go without a hat and suddenly feel a strong shooting pain, then you need to see a doctor immediately. Halfway can literally skew, so this joke is bad!

Hair loss

Many girls think that they will save their hair,if you do not wear a hat. But it's just the opposite. Stacking, of course, will not suffer, but in spite of the frost and wind the structure of the hair will be damaged. After all, the cold in its turn narrows the blood vessels, and this leads to a worsening of blood circulation. Therefore, this situation can lead to unpleasant consequences. At a minimum, it can lead to tarnish and brittle hair, although usually they begin to fall out. Deteriorates the nutrition of the furred bulbs and your hair is threatened with loss.

Girls do not like to wear hats because the hairfaster. But it does not matter. It is just necessary to choose for yourself a cap with a synonymous content of synthetics. Also it is necessary to wash a head with a mild shampoo, though by day. Cosmetologists advise washing your hair with boiled or purified water. Ideally, in cold weather, you should not wash your hair more than 2 times a week.

These reasons should convince you that the headdress is necessary in the cold season. And they should not be neglected, because the consequences can be serious.

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