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How to give birth with a delayed pregnancy

Why is a pregnant pregnancy dangerous?

In the recent time, more often than girls, the fetus is replenished. But this is very dangerous, not only for the baby, but for the future mother.

  • Deformation of the baby's head. This happens with a pregnant pregnancy. The baby's head loses its natural ability to decrease in size and during the passage through the birth canals it can easily be damaged. With normal pregnancy, the head is reduced to the desired size, and then again restored without any complications.
  • Development of intrauterine hypoxia. The higher the gestation period, the more the infant is in oxygen. The placenta may not satisfy this need, if the age is too long, and then hypoxia will occur in the fetus.
  • Pathological changes in the umbilical cord of the placenta. The placenta can grow old. And pripenasivanii fetus, it ceases to fully supply the baby with oxygen, nutrients, which negatively affects the condition of the fetus.

As you can see, a delayed pregnancy is bad. Therefore, it is necessary to have a doctor who fully controls the entire pregnancy without missing passes and in case of a delayed pregnancy will take the necessary measures that will reduce complications. It should also be remembered that if pregnancy is too long, you can not call birth on your own, as this can lead to serious complications. The baby after nine months very quickly begin to grow, so in such cases, often resorted to Caesarean section.

Causing premature birth?

To provoke the beginning of sorts independently it is possibleOnly if the time has come to give birth, and if the baby has reached full physiological maturity. In other words, it is possible to cause delivery only at the 38th week of pregnancy, but not earlier. In addition, it is necessary to take into account the readiness of the female body for childbirth. You can learn more about this from your doctor.

Some women want to give birth so much,That psychologically themselves set up the actual fights. Therefore, they need to be able to distinguish from the real ones. Below we will explain which safe methods will help to provoke birth as soon as possible.

Sexuality with her husband

Sex is one of the ways that can helpCause the onset of labor. It is worth noting that even sometimes gynecologists themselves advise their patients to resort to this method. Of course, it is worthwhile to understand that this method will not give you a hundred percent guarantee, however, sex will largely soften and smooth the cervix. Aeto necessarily lead to a decrease in the duration of labor during labor.

Agree that such a method is worth trying. In addition, if the future mother still gets orgasm, it will lead to abrupt contractions of the uterus. On a long term, this can provoke the onset of labor. By the way, it is for this reason that doctors advise not to have sex after the seventh month of pregnancy.

On a note. Some couples avoid sex on long terms of pregnancy, because they are afraid to harm the baby. But if you follow simple advice, then there will be no fear.

Pose during sex

It is very important to pay attention to the pose. In no case should you exert pressure on the bovine and breast of a future mother. But this problem is easy to solve, because there is a huge number of poses. A little experiment to find the one that you like.


During pregnancy, sex is not provided forMother Nature, especially on recent days. Therefore, problems may arise with the release of lubricant. Knowing this, it is worthwhile to prepare yourself and stock up with grease to avoid unpleasant sensations. But remember that in the lubricant there should not be any flavors and dyes. It is best to use a lubricant on a water basis.

Nipple Massage

Another tried and tested method is massage of the nipples. You can do it yourself, but you can ask to join her husband. This process can be turned into a prelude before sex, so to say combine two methods in one. Do not twist or pinch your nipples too much. Take a massage oil or baby cream, grease your fingers and start kneading your nipples. The duration of the procedure should be approximately twenty minutes. During the day you can spend three or four suchprocedures.

Perhaps, after a couple of such procedures, youYou will feel contractions. If not, then prepare the nipples for breastfeeding and prevent the possible appearance of rifts. By the way, more than half of the women who tried this on themselves, assure that the procedure is very effective.

The effect is very simple. When stimulating the nipples in the body produces hormone oxytocin, which is responsible for the onset of the birth process. Often, an artificially synthesized oxytocin is used in gynecology to strengthen the seizure or provoke the onset of the birth process.

Exercise stress

A small physical load will only go toBenefit. Gentle gymnastics will help to keep muscles toned, improve the elasticity of the skin and the work of the cardiovascular system, the circulatory and respiratory systems. Suitable exercises for pregnant women will help you choose doctors from the room of physiotherapy.

However, do not forget that heavy exercises andA lot of work, including the lifting of weights, will lead only to complications. Placental delamination may occur. You can combine business with pleasure, for example, clean up the apartment. Wash floors, wipe furniture and mirrors. Many women said that they often found themselves in the maternity home after doing something with raised hands.

Nestoit do cleaning, if you are not around. After all, anything can happen, for example, to spin your head or you will lose consciousness.

Tea from the leaves of mammoth

If you like teas, then try tea with leavesRaspberries. Substances that contain in the leaves of raspberries have a tonic effect on the pelvic organs, including the uterus. To make such a tea, pour three tablespoons of raspberry leaves into the dough and fill them with a liter of boiling water. Tea should be insisted for two hours. For flavor, you can add a little honey or sugar. For a day a woman should drink all the tea. The expected effect should occur in four to five days.

Please note that raspberry lowers blood pressure. Therefore, if you suffer from this, it is better to abandon this method.

The above methods are the safest. However, there are a couple of these that are not so safe and not very recommended. But if you follow the measure, you can try.

A small amount of alcohol

Alcohol is very negative for everyoneThe body of the future mother and fetus, therefore, resorting to this method, you need to be very careful. It is best to use red wine, quality and natural, expensive varieties. It contains less preservatives and other harmful substances. You can drink no more than a glass.

Some food products

There is a theory that sharp products canprovoke the onset of childbirth. But doctors deny this theory. So whether to try this method, decide only you. But be careful, because spicy food can cause gastritis and heartburn, especially in pregnant women.

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