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New Year's feast: how to keep good health?

Yet the sense of proportion should not leave you. It is necessary to find a golden mean, which will help to maintain a good state of the body. You can treat yourself to a delicious and do not overfill your stomach to the brim. Wenne strongly wants then to suffer on January 1. Meet the New Year needs several rules. Let's get acquainted with them, and then we will not have problems with the New Year's feast.

Light appetite

Many girls dream to try all the saladsNew Year's table. In fact just before a holiday we zealously sat on a diet to be beautiful. And now you can also make a fuss. But do not be because of this starve all day on December 31, then to more climbed. Food from you nowhere neubezhit. If you do not re-try everything, nothing terrible will happen. You still have holidays, then you will have time.

Be sure to have breakfast in the morning. Then you will be full of energy and have time to do many useful things. Do not forget to have lunch. And for 4 hours before the feast eat a light supper. You can make a fruit or vegetable salad. If you eat a vegetable salad, then do not fill it with greasy mayonnaise. Add olive oil better. And drink a delicious yogurt with bread. Taku you will not be a brutal appetite. Otherwise you will overeat and will not feel well.

The menu should not only be tasty, but also useful

Even the most healthy organism can not copeWith fatty food. We like to eat fried meat and mushrooms for the holidays ... But such food is not well-digested. And sometimes, in general, "get out." It is best if you can bake the meat in an oven or multivark, you can make it on the grill. Replace mayonnaise home-made sauces. After all, at home, you can make very tasty salad dressings or season with low-fat yogurt. Tasty and healthy. At the extreme, if without mayonnaise, buy low-calorie and low-fat.

You can prepare homemade mayonnaise, and it willWithout any additives and preservatives just for the festive salads. To cook it, we need 1 egg, 150 ml of sunflower oil, 50 ml of olive oil, salt, sugar, 1 teaspoon of mustard and spices to taste. We also need a mixer.

So, pour in the egg and add to itSugar, salt spices, we begin to whip thoroughly until foam. Slowly pour in the sunflower and olive oil, whilst continuing to beat. Add spices to taste and mustard, whisk again. Continue the process until you get a sour cream consistency. Mayonnaise can be stored in the refrigerator for 1 week. Bon Appetit.


What is the New Year without champagne? But do not lean on it. To drink is necessary in moderation, so that the holiday is passed in the right mind, and then the next day the friends will talk about your actions. It will be embarrassing or just ridiculous.

Do not mix a few drinks duringEvenings. So it's very smart to be drunk, and the next day it will be very bad. We recommend you to drink a good wine of a famous brand. Buy your favorite drink and enjoy it. But this does not mean that you should drink the whole bottle yourself. Drink and eat, enjoy a good company.

Do not pass!

We advise you to start eating with vegetables. They will help in the further digestion. Do not "attack" all the goodies immediately. We are used to the fact that a holiday table must break from all sorts of salads and other interesting things. Although we understand that we can not cope with such a quantity of food. And then we fall into all the hard ... "Eat everything on the table!", That's how the voice in our head sounds. We are today and will be on a diet later. Here is our logic! But we should remind ourselves that we are ladies. And we should eat like small people in small portions. So do not overeat. Pour yourself a shelf of salads and enjoy the process. Then you will feel great, and in the morning you will not feel heaviness.


Do not sit around all evening and eat tastySalads. After they are full, put off the plate. Eat your small portion and iditol. Between meals should be at least an hour of break. Drink mineral water and go to dance or participate in contests. Come out more often to fresh air, it will help you to eat the eaten food.

Move more and drink mineral water. Here is the pledge of a good New Year. You will feel great and have a good time. If you still ate, then on the 1st of the day you should not go on a hunger strike. We do the unloading day. For this, during the day we drink mineral water, eat fruits and vegetables. You can make smoothies. We recommend that you arrange a long walk and enjoy the New Year.

What to drink on New Year's Eve?

So much champagne that my head is spinning. These bubbles immediately hit the head. Do not drink, then in the morning, or even at night, it will be very bad. Stock up with mineral water. We recommend choosing Borjomi. Chilled mineral water promotes good functioning of the gastrointestinal tract, and warm water will help to clear spasms in the stomach.

Give everyone mineral water duringFeasts. Do not drink and other drinks. It is Borjomi that will help to cope with digestion with such fatty and heavy food. This will help to avoid heartburn and will remove discomfort in life. Its composition will help to improve the state of health for you and all guests. Drink water after a hearty meal and your body will thank you. During the feast drink "Mezim", "Festal" or "Pancreatin". They will improve the performance of your digestive tract.

Correct morning

The morning needs to start right. After a good party in the morning, you may have a headache, since you could overeat and drink. So a bottle of mineral water will save you and lift the hangover. We get out of the refrigerator a miracle, and enjoy life. In the morning, something to eat. But not salads. Breakfast should be easy and dietary. You can eat oatmeal or eggs. Manydietologists recommend starting on January 1 with fruit cuts (pineapple, apple, orange).

The New Year will be wonderful if you control the intake of food and alcohol. We wish you a good time in the company of close people! be happy!

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