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In what position is better to sleep

Lying on the back

Internet, on the basis of one known to himFacts, I'm sure that this is the position that is the best way to meet Morpheus. Allegedly she had a half million plus points and not a single minus. But we will have to upset both you and the Internet - there is no ideal pose for sleep, each of them has its advantages and disadvantages. And this is not an exception. Let's start with the beautiful. "Lying on the back" helps the head, neck and spine to maintain a neutral position, allowing the bones and muscles of the body to relax to the maximum.It is also good for fighting heartburn: if the head sleeps above the rest, then the stomach is located below the esophagus, so the gastric juice is not Will be able to get back into the esophagus, and for the nymphs, who are especially preoccupied with their beauty, the pose helps to avoid unnecessary stretching of the facial skin (that is, the appearance of extra wrinkles) and protects the breast from sagging.

And now about the disadvantages. In the position on the back, the lower jaw sits, causing problems with breathing. This pose is contraindicated in people with severe diseases: a syndrome of obstructive sleep apnea, bronchial asthma, epilepsy, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. However horrible this may be, the latest scientific studies have revealed a link between standing on the back of those suffering from the described ailments and an increased risk of death during sleep.

And another position is not recommended for useElderly citizens of pregnant women. But it's better not to get pregnant during PMS at this time, since alternative options in this difficult period can cause additional discomfort: for example, when you lie on your stomach, pressure on the urinary bladder, which is already having a hard time, and the pose "on the side" can cause unpleasant sensations In the chest.

Lying on his side

Pose challenges the title of the best from the previousPosition - firstly, it provides the optimal position of the neck and back so that they do not get sick at dawn, plus reduces acid reflux (this is when the contents of the stomach are thrown into the esophagus), and also prevents the possible appearance of snoring and has no contraindications. Sleep on the side is great for pregnant women, especially on the left, which helps normalize blood flow in the body.

The only drawback that prevents thisPoznazvatsya ideal, - an adverse effect on your external environment. Sama uti: the skin of the face comes into contact with the pillow and takes an unnatural position, stretched or compressed as horrible. Suffer and breasts (especially large sizes): one of them has to be flattened on the surface of the bed, and the other - overhanging his girlfriend, that is, unnaturally stretch from the outside.

Lying on the stomach

One Chinese proverb says that on the backSleep on the saints, and on the stomach - sinners. And in this there is a grain of common sense, considering that the latter, as if in punishment, get the most harmful pose. Lying in the abdomen, it is impossible to maintain a comfortable, with natural deflections, the position of the spine. The whole body is twisted and twisted, this leads to an increase in the load on the joints and muscles. As a result, you can even earn stretching and inflammation of muscles or pinching of nerves. So, in the most unfortunate confluence of nocturnal circumstances in the morning, you simply can not get up without the help of doctors. Plus, the load on the skin of the face and breast is maximal.

The only advantage of this posture is thatit is most effective against the appearance of snoring. So if your neighbor on the bed or any other man within a kilometer radius constantly wakes you with his loud vociferous exclamations, gather strength and turn him on his stomach, and let him suffer from the pains in the neck in retaliation for your insomnia.

Variations on the theme

As in any other case, to which mankindtrades even a few millennia, in the occupation of sleep there are not only three poses. Variants are possible, including using additional accessories.

With additional orders

They can be used if, during sleep,back you vseravno pursue unpleasant sensations in the region of the waist or in the legs. Props - a small pillow or roller, rolled up from a towel, placed, respectively, under the lumbar spine or under the knees.

With a pillow between the legs

During sleep on the side, a free leg that does notrests against the surface of the bed, can slide forward, causing the rotation of the lumbosacral spine. Minor, of course, but it still threatens the hips and back. So, the pillow, sandwiched between the knees, solves this problem.

Pose of the embryo

If you are not an embryo, then you do not need to takehis position and pull his knees to his chest, squeezing into a tangle. The position has those females as lying on its side, but at the same time practically devoid of the advantages of the latter: the neck and spine in the eaten form are not very convenient, and there is pressure on the diaphragm, which means that the breathing process becomes more difficult.


With pain in the shoulder, lie on your side to the healthy side and, with both hands, press the pillow to your chest. Such a posture will provide the damaged site with the most comfortable position and reduce pain.

Friend with head

In the pillow, on occasion, you can and cry. But initially it is intended to maintain a neutral, that is, natural, without any distortions in either side, the position of the head and neck. So choose the device for its intended purpose.

If you lie on your back, it must beThe thickness of the head was straight, and the neck did not bend forward or back. For this position, there are special pillows with a recess. Spishna boku - let the device occupies exactly the space that remains between the interclavion and the head, provided that it will be located parallel to the surface of the sleeper. And in lovers of sleep, putting a pillow on the head, accordingly, should be thinner.

If, in spite of all our arguments, you prefer a pose of gain, choose at least a slender accessory for sleep or even spend the night "vodnochestve".

And now the harsh logic suggests that everyoneman needs a set of at least three pillows. Ideally, it is true, but we are real world spies. So select the thickness of the pillow under the position in which you spend most of the time. Meshishsya night on the bed, recklessly changing the poses? Carry out an experiment on yourself: after some time after what you wake up to in the morning - this is the position your body chooses most.

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