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21 way to deceive the hunger

1. Start with soup

250 ml of broth with vegetables or chicken or cream soup in front of the main dish works wonders: a hot liquid filling the stomach gives an almost instant feeling of satiety.

2. But only with one plate!

Analyzing the behavior of people at the buffet, nutritionists noticed that they were eating 73% more soup without a twinge of conscience than they would have had for satiety, and they were not even aware of this glaring fact.

3. Go on dates

It turned out that on romantic dinners, women show a more modest, than usual, appetite. But the men, on the contrary, have more familiar dates on their dates.

4. Do not have supper by candlelight

A dim flickering light is a faithful companion of overeating.

5. Eat meat

During the experiment, American scientistsFound that people in the diet of which protein food accounted for 30%, on average a day consumed 441 kcal less than those who received only 15% of the protein. But keep in mind: increasing the proportion of protein in the diet will go to the body only if you do not care about active work in the gym.

6. Close your eyes

For the sake of interest, try at least once to have a dinner blind. The table is all that you plan to eat, arm yourself with a fork-spoon and tie your own eyes. The essence of the experiment is that you are convinced on your own experience: the sensation of the present satiety comes long before compote. The explanation is simple. A person does not have to listen to the signals of his body if all his colleagues at a business lunch have ordered dessert or something interesting is happening on TV, or the citizen of the art has learned that the dinner should be comprehensive. But if you learn to listen to your body, then even looking at picturesque serving, your figure can be envied.

7. Drink multivitamins

A number of studies suggest that the bodyA person will compensate for the lack of trace elements by an active synthesis of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for the wolfish appetite. And you, of course, eat more than planned.

8. Watch your hands

Move the fork into the "non-working" arm (left, ifYou're right-handed), and make sure that there is so fast, as usual, will not work. It's what you need: the concentration of the leptin satiety hormone reaches the level of "everything, I can not any more" about 20 minutes after the start of the meal, which means that by the time you make a salad, there is something else that will crackle.

9. Love the leaves

In the course of scientific research it is proved: Women, who had dinner from a plate of lettuce (100 kcal), consumed 12% fewer calories during the feast - although they did not think about the diet or any restrictions. Nutritionists believe that the whole secret is in the satiating nutritious fibers that rich green leaves.

10. Switch to blue

After much research by Chinese scientistsOpened the knowledge that this color acts on a person as an appetizing oppressor. Siniesticatures, napkins and utensils, according to the observations of clever Chinese, cause the person to slowly and quickly catch the signals of the brain, hinting at satiety. However, no one prevents you from repainting the celestial walls in heavenly tones with supper with a view of the sea.

11. Beware of pizza

Observational nutritionists note thatCut into wedge-shaped pieces of food (like pizza or a proprietary grandmother's pie) taitoosoboy danger to the waist. This form does not allow you to adequately assess the size of theportion - that's the key to the mystery why the apple unit always ends up too fast.

12. Add the fat

To burn fast carbohydrates, your bodyEnough time-two - and after it again asks for food. The processing of fats can take a long time, but you are afraid of them as a fire. And completely in vain. Deficiency of fats braking metabolic processes in the body (and hence, weight loss). To be and well fed for your own figure, include in the menu useful unsaturated: in saladodobavlyay avocado slices, nuts or seeds, make friends with a fat fish and fish on high-quality olive oil.

13. Pei

Something between food and drink, fruitySmoothies on the basis of drinking yogurt is good in three parameters. Full of protein, dulled the hunger; Fiber, giving a feeling of satiety without additional calories (thanks to fruits); And calcium (especially if you mixed yogurt with a banana) - the last element is responsible for the fact that the body is burned, and not stored fat.

14. Choose bread

To refuse from it is difficult, and it is not necessary. Simply eat non-white wheat, and whole wheat from a meal of coarse grinding - it is five and a half times more saturated.

15. Not merzn

Restaurant owners are well aware of theThe fact that the main friend of the wolf's appetite is cold, that's why the air conditioners incorporate a full reel. The best way to not tempt your own stomach is to keep the body warm.

16. Avoid the crowds

On average, a person who dines in a company of three self-similar, destroys 75% more food than one would eat alone. At the table, there are two times more than usual.

17. Ignore the words

British scientists found that conventional productsMore useful for your figure than low-fat low-calorie. In any case, the participants in the experiment, who had eaten with the traditional muffin cake, felt fed and satisfied and ate less than usual within the next 24 hours. Those who chose a dietary version of dessert, let all the grievous and eventually overeat.

18. Crunch the carrots

Scientists from Ireland drew attention to the fact that the raw carrots console the younger significantly better than the culinary treatment. Let's add off: this concerns most juicy vegetables and fruits.

19. Remember the cows

In fact, they eat very wisely: Almost without breaks, but a gum. This strategy is also suitable for you: divide the daily menu into five meals (300-350 kcal each), following at regular intervals (approximately 3 hours), then the blood sugar level will not fluctuate significantly, and you will become insecure from the bouts of hunger that cause you to sweep away Way all-embracing.

20. Hold your breath

Freshly baked cinnamon pie is stronger than mostVoloovdevushki, do not argue. His divine aroma stimulates the secretion of insulin, and the brain perceives this signal unequivocally: the hostess is hungry. Now it is clear why meeting with friends in a café-confectionery "over a cup of tea" - is this the clean swearwords?

21. Catch the fish

In the rating of products, reliably satisfying hunger,which was made by Australian doctor Suzanne Holt, the fish occupies an honorary second place - just between potatoes and oatmeal. This means that 100 kilocalories in the form of fish are saturated better than a piece of chicken or lamb worth the same 100 kcal. But there are not more useful substances in fish than in the same potato.

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