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What you can and can not eat before going to bed

You can not starve yourself. After all, nothing good will come of it. Why not eat before going to bed? The simple fact is that at night all the processes in the body slow down, including digestion. Therefore, food, falling at night in the stomach, is debugged into fat tissue. All uninterrupted products will rot. This all leads in the future to the formation of toxins that are absorbed into the blood.

So do not be surprised when weWe find out that our hair is dull, the immunity is weak, and the skin of the face has become unhealthy in appearance. Yes, it is possible to find out that there is excess weight, which is difficult to get rid of.

Do not go on a hunger strike in the evening. After all, you can not eat from dinner. The stomach will not survive it. Such interruptions can negatively affect the body. A hunger strike can lead to insomnia, and at 3:00 in the morning you can wake up with a brutal appetite. Therefore, cost a light supper for three hours before bedtime. It can be cheese with a cracker or a salad. Choose foods with a negative caloric value. So today we will consider what you can eat, and what you can not before going to bed!

What you can not eat before going to bed?

Before going to bed, you can eat some foods, but there is a list of forbidden food that can harm your body.


Before going to bed,Containing caffeine. He will not let you sleep for a long time. Coffee or tea should not be drunk at least 1.5 hours before bedtime. These drinks contain a large amount of caffeine, even green tea.

Do not eat chocolate in the evening, eventhe black. Of course, everyone knows that it is useful and even thanks to it you can lose weight, but exclude it in the evening from your diet. It invigorates and excites the nervous system.

And in general it is necessary to exclude the use of sweet in vecherneevremya. You can enjoy yourself delicious in the first half of the day.

Fatty food

Eliminate in the evening dishes with highDo not eat pizza, French fries, fatty meat. All that contains a lot of fat is not worth eating. This will not let you fall asleep, and the food will be poorly digested. Stay away from fatty sorts of cheese and butter.

Sweet cereals

Many people like to eat cereal cereals in the evening withSugar. Sweet flax cereal at night is a very bad idea. Simply, the body will not have time to burn all the calories. This dish can be eaten in the morning. To give the body a sufficient amount of energy. In the evening, this type of food is not suitable.


Spicy food late at night affects your sleep. Because of such snacks, you may have insomnia. Sharp snacks are classified as forbidden food in the evening. Because of this meal, you can experience discomfort in the stomach, bloating, heartburn.

Red meat

Do you have a late dinner? It's worth limiting yourself. Even if uvas brutal appetite, then try to control yourself. Remember that it is not recommended to eat red meat before bed. The organism will be given a little time to digest food. After all, red meat contains a large number of proteins and fats, and therefore it should not be eaten in the evening.


We all know that beans are very useful forHealth. In them a lot of fiber, which helps our digestion. But because of this fiber, the legumes and should not be eaten at night. They can create discomfort in the body, and this can bring to an evening stomach upset.

What can you eat before bedtime?

We have already figured out what it's worth keeping away from in the evening. But what can you eat before you go to sleep, not to feel hunger, it's good to fall asleep and still feel great?

An Apple

The main fruit among the "snacks" is the apple. It can be used daily at bedtime. Some nutritionists recommend doing this for weight loss. Apple with dried apricots normalize the work of the digestive tract.


Oranges and mandarins contain only 40 calories. Therefore, they can be attributed to low-calorie foods, so that they can be eaten before bed. They are rich in vitamins, especially vitamin C, and he responds in turn for digestion. So one mandarin before bed will not harm.


In one root of the plant contains only 10Calories. You can make a salad or fresh with celery. Very tasty with a combination of shavers. It is very useful for the stomach, it is a natural diuretic, which produces toxins.


Before going to bed, you can make yourself a beetroot salad andFill it with olive oil. In the beet is a substance betaine, which helps burn the fat. Vegetable cleanses the body of toxins and improves the work of the gastrointestinal tract.


One of the most useful fermented milk productsPower supply. It contains a large number of microelements and vitamins. He is well absorbed in the body in the evening. The drink helps to fall asleep and acts soothing to the body. It can be drunk in the prevention of insomnia.


We all know that bananas are considered high-calorieFruit. 100g of fruit contains 90 calories. But think for yourself, you can not get a kilogram of one banana from one banana. And they are very satisfying. Therefore, if you feel a strong hunger before bed, then one banana can save you.

Before going to bed you can sometimes eat a small loaf. It's tasty and useful. If you want something sweet, then we recommend using as a dessert a little dried fruit. It can be raisins, dried apricots, pineapples, etc. If you want, you can cook oatmeal for yourself, but eat a small portion. Some nutritionists allow you to eat even baked potatoes in the evening.

We are now familiar with the products thatYou can not and can be at bedtime. Therefore, if you strongly wanted to eat, then do not arrange a hunger for your body. Take, for example, an apple and eat it.

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