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Eight rules of healthy eating

Rule one. Diverse food
The main enemy of people who want to lose weight isMonotonous food. The list of allowed products is reduced to a minimum. They even offer to cook them in a special way. It's good if you treat creatively food and serve the table creatively. Pay attention to the original recipes. Remove from the table banal salads and soups-mashed potatoes. Learn to create bright compositions from vegetables. Eggplants and zucchini, carrots and sweet peppers, green beans and green peas are always useful. Every day, add a new ingredient to your diet. Constantly conduct experiments with a combination of different products. A table for dinner every time you will certainly be very nice. Food is fun!

Rule two. Refusal of sweet
You can not completely abandon the sweet. Do not seek to exclude from the diet foods that contain glucose. Our brain needs it. And the gain in weight comes not from the sweet, but from the cake or cake that was eaten for the night, eaten away "for two". The main thing is a measure. It should be in everything. This must be remembered in the most difficult moments of his life. Everyone knows that the sweet jamming trouble.

Tell yourself that this path does not suit you. But if you have not confined yourself for a long time in sweet, consumed confectionery, then do not rush things. Make the transition gradual. Changing gustatory habits can be very difficult. Replace cakes and sweets for dried apricots, dates or prunes, sweet grapes.

The third rule. Enjoy the smell of food
Do you think this advice contains a dirty trick? No. Indeed, you can get pleasure from the smell of food. If you try to develop this habit, you can easily avoid overeating and unplanned snacking (from them only harm). Enjoying the aromas of healthy food, you will no longer eat everything indiscriminately.

Rule four. Remember spices and seasonings
Many people are mistaken when thinking about healthy foodAs a tasteless and fresh food. Use a variety of spices. They can not recover from them. A cinnamon is even able to improve metabolism in the body, normalizing carbohydrate metabolism. And the amazing smell of vanilla can dull the feeling of hunger.

Rule five. Do not rule out carbohydrates
Everyone knows about popular protein diets. They help to quickly lose weight. But the body also needs complex carbohydrates. Deficiency of these substances is capable of provoking depression, the general inhibition of metabolic processes. And this will necessarily lead to illness.

Eat cereals: oatmeal, rice, buckwheat, potatoes. And be sure to remember the correct preparation of these products and serve on the table.

Eaten for breakfast potatoes (small portion)Harm will not bring. But with the constant use of fried potatoes, you can instantly gain excess weight. The food is high in calories and very fatty. And in the evening meal potatoes are generally inappropriate.

Rule six. Eat slowly
Is in a hurry is very harmful. Everyone knows this. But they know and eat! We regret the time for normal eating, intercept on the run or just for the company. Apparently, not everyone knows that thorough chewing food
Promotes and processing it with enzymes of saliva. This makes it possible to saturate in fairly small portions, and helps digest food.

The seventh rule. Do not drink food
Do not use liquid while eating. This is a very pernicious habit. Drink recommended in an hour after lunch. Simple water is the best option. This will help the correct operation of the pancreas, which has also given up its juices for digestion. Traditional "tea with sweets" is a very bad habit.

But the worst option is to try somethingEat when you are thirsty. It is necessary to distinguish between drink and food. Tea, coffee and shop juices are replaced with herbal infusions or plain bottled water. This will also reduce the overall calorie content of the diet.

Rule eighth. Eat at home
If you work all day at the office or do not like to cook, then lunch in a cafe is, of course, easier and more convenient. But you will not be offered home food there.

Do not forget that a healthy diet and a healthy lifestyle - this should become a habit. They determine what your long life will be like.
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