/ What spices are dangerous to health?

What spices are dangerous to health?

People with spices were already familiar in the distantMiddle Ages. But they were used at that time for unsightly purposes. They tried to hide the unpleasant smell of food, improved the taste of beginners to spoil the products. Most often, they spiced meat or fish with spices. But over time, spices received a different purpose. Court chefs began to use spices to taste different dishes. A tall kitchen appeared. They began to put even inexpensive herbs into dishes, which had a strong and sharp smell. But add them neatly, take a small amount of herbs and in the right proportions. Thus, various flavors and combinations thereof were obtained. The most valuable spices were highly valued. They had to be delivered from afar.

Currently, you can buy anySeasoning, even the most exotic (saffron, badon). But they are offered already in the finished form, packaged. There is a seasoning for fish, a mixture for pilaf, provencal herbs, etc. But to handle any spice it is necessary very carefully, you can not exceed the allowable volume, because In a large number of spices, many are simply harmful.

Dangerous spices:

Carnation. This spice is known to everyone. But not everyone knows that it can cause very drowsy. This is a real sedative.

Nutmeg and cinnamon. These spices are often used for baking. But their abuse can bring a person not only to convulsions, but also convulsions. A tincture of juniper, which is proud of many housewives, on the kidneys is very tangible.

Rosemary. It has rejuvenating properties. But during pregnancy it can not be used. There may be an involuntary contraction of the uterus. This, in turn, provokes premature birth. Rosemary also has a diuretic effect. A load on the kidneys is created. He also raises blood pressure, it is not recommended to use it for hypertensive patients.

Sage. The plant contains a lot of useful substances. In Latin, sage sounds like "salvia". It means "health". But with him, too, you have to be very careful. Sage oil contains monoterpine. It is an active toxin that causes tachycardia or convulsions. It is capable of causing even hallucinations in a person.

Mint. Fans of mint should remember that this herbIt is dangerous for gastritis or stomach ulcer. This amazing plant contains a huge amount of healing qualities, but it can affect the intensification of the inflammatory process in the stomach.

But in small doses mint has a minus. It will not calm you, but will simply cause a retardation. And in large doses will cause overexcitation or insomnia. Therefore, do not drink mint tea before going to sleep. This is a bad choice if there are no pharmacy weights nearby.

Saffron. If you do not follow the recommendedLabel the norms of use, then you can get a significant poisoning. Five grams of grass can cause vomiting, loss of strength, all kinds of hemorrhagic consequences and bleeding. Ten grams of substance will provoke miscarriage at any time of pregnancy. But in small (harmless) doses it is used in cooking.

Mustard. You can not use this spice for chronicGastritis. Use it is possible only in small amounts to people who have normal secretion. You can not use it in cases of duodenal ulcers. Sharp seasonings should be excluded and with hypertension.

Well, if you make the harvesting of herbs yourHands. Harm will be less, but more good. But the spices bought in the store are more harmful to human health. They have a taste, color, aroma. But there is very little use for them. They contain nutritional supplements that lead to undesirable changes even in a perfectly healthy body. Obesity and brain tumor, decreased visual acuity and others. Glutamic acid gives excellent taste and aroma to dishes, but it is very harmful to people prone to food allergy.

Often after a meal you can feel the headPain, the appearance of diarrhea. Here is the most direct link with food, very generously seasoned with chemical spices. So season the food with natural spices. Benefits will be greater than harm. But the sense of a measure must be respected here, and you should not get involved in spices. Remember that you need to season the dishes with spices, and not vice versa.
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