/ How to survive the ICP?

How to survive the PMS?

Stress and feelings of anxiety

Coffee, strong tea, alcohol strengthen the conditionAggression, irritability, feelings of anxiety and tension. Therefore, in order to facilitate the PMS, it is necessary to exclude them from their diet. No one calls you to refuse at all. But a week before these days, try to remove them from your menu. By the way, if you are constantly tormented by pressure, then believe me, it will normalize. Ethnic drinks can be replaced not with carbonated water, herbal tea. They cleanse the organisms, reduce bloating. Stomach very often with PMS.

Little advice

During the whole month, not counting the criticalDays, it is useful to take a bath with melissa or lavender. They are sold at the pharmacy. You can take the essential oil of these plants instead of grass. They have a beneficial effect on the nervous system. A calming effect is also provided by valerian and motherwort. But before deciding to take them, be sure to consult a doctor. Because it's herbal remedies.

Pain in the lower abdomen

This is not uncommon. Often such pains accompany menstruation. And the reason is quite simple. The blood flows to the small pelvis, that's why the pain in the lower abdomen is painful.

As a preventive measure, it is recommended to useMagnesium of cobalt. Magnesium is found in products such as spinach, broccoli, whole grains. Calcium is found in: dairy products. Milk, kefir, ryazhenka, yoghurt, sour cream, cottage cheese, yogurt, snowball and others are among them. For example, in two glasses of milk and three pieces of cheese with a fat content of 40 percent, the daily calcium rate is contained. Only here, in order for this calcium to be absorbed by our body, vitamin D. is needed. A large amount of this vitamin is formed from the sun's rays. So be sure to use lunch break to go out. If you have a day off, visit the street for at least one hour. If you have a child, it's generally fine. Go out with him for a walk. Even if it's overcast, all the same, ultraviolet rays fall on the skin.

Little advice

An effective remedy for controlling PMS is dandelion. You can buy it at any pharmacy. Take a handful of such a herb or a tablespoon of dandelion, pour boiling water. Let it be a little. Then strain. It is necessary to drink half a glass 3 times a day. This broth reduces the headache, as well as the pain in the lower abdomen.

If you feel such problems, you can summer a fresh dandelion and stock them for the winter, to dry yourself.

Bad mood and problems with sleep

In the second half of the cycle appears in ourOrganism of multi-estrogen. It's a female hormone. For our mood, behavior and well-being, peace of mind is as bad as its lack. We become plaintive, sad and irritable. Coping with this mood will help vitamin B6. It promotes the formation of the hormone of serotonin. This vitamin is found in walnuts, in apples. It is necessary in the day to eat a handful of such nuts and a couple of apples. This dosage corresponds to the daily normavitamin B6.

Little advice

Serotonin is also found in bananas and in chocolate. Drink teas with this wonderful treat. You do not need much, otherwise you will get another headache in the form of extra pounds. The brighter the light in the house, the higher the mood. Try to include light everywhere, even in the daytime. You can dress in bright colors. For example, beige boots, white sweater and mittens. This is for the winter season. Well, in the summer, of course, easier. Be more often on the street. The sunlight will bring joy to life.

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