/ How to protect yourself from colds

How to protect yourself from colds

Rule number 1. Wash your hands

You should always wash your hands when coming home withStreets. Especially if you were in public transport. It is through the hands that microbes often pass. Doctors advise you to wash your face with soap and wash your nose. This procedure cleans mucous from viruses and dust. The best way to wash the nose is sea salt. You can buy it in the pharmacy. You can do it yourself. We take 1 glass of warm boiled water. Dissolve in it a half-spoonful of salt. The solution should not be too saturated, otherwise there is the possibility to burn the mucous membrane.

Rule number 2. Wrap in layers

In this cold period it is best to dress like this,To not be cooled or overheated. The weather in autumn is quite changeable. It is not easy to pick clothes on the weather. It is better to wear several things than one warm one. For example, on top of a turtleneck wear a vest, on top of a jacket or coat, a wide sweatshirt or stole. This will allow you in the cold wind not to freeze, but in the store or in the transport, where it's warm enough, remove one or two layers of clothing. This will prevent overheating.

Rule number 3. Breathe in fresh air

Walking in the fresh air is useful. They strengthen our immunity. Of course, not everyone can afford to walk every day for 2-3 hours. Many of us are in the open air only when they get to work and work, go to the store. If you try to catch up on weekends with a long walk, there will still be no result. You need to make sure that your home is always fresh and moistened with air. It is necessary to ventilate the room, especially at bedtime.

Rule # 4. Try right.

In the autumn-winter period it is important that our bodyReceived a sufficient number of vitamins. Therefore, you need to eat properly balanced. Be sure to include oranges, lemons, honey in your diet. In the dishes it will be good to add spices that have a warming effect. These include: pepper, ginger, cardamom. It is important to drink fruit drinks, compotes of cranberries, currants, raspberries. In case of emergency, if you do not like all this, buy multivitamins in the pharmacy and consume them. During this period, there can not be any stiff diets. Weakened by this organism becomes easy prey for all kinds of viral infections.

Rule number 5. Strengthen immunity

A person who has strong immunity, neverDoes not catch colds. And any viral infection suffers easily enough. To have such strong immunity, it is necessary to constantly strengthen it. To this their children must be taught from early childhood. Lead an active lifestyle. Learn to deal with stress. You need to sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. From regular nedosypaska the body weakens, and immunity decreases.

Another important advice

Protect yourself from viral infections withUsing aromatherapy. Such oils as eucalyptus, ylang ylang, lavender are good antiseptics, they neutralize bacteria and viruses that are in the air. Essential oils of pine, cypress, mandarin and chamomile are soothing. They relieve fatigue, stress. A bath of 10 drops of a mixture of such oils relaxes well and relieves stress in the muscles. To make the air in your house fresh, add to the aroma lamp3 drops of mint and lemon.

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