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Sugar is my personal grade of heroin or delusion about sugar

Studies have shown that the average personCan eat up to 20 tablespoons of sugar per day. It's a lot! Is it true that sugar is so harmful and it's not worth it to use? Maybe I should figure this out? After all, there are very many myths, because of which we do not use it.

A little bit about sugar

Sugar is now very popularProduct. In addition to adding it to coffee and tea, it is used in cooking. We like to add it to all sorts of porridges, borscht, sauces, baked goods, etc. A man almost consumes sugar by eating.

Earlier, sugar was extracted only from sugarReed. But now they are free from sugar beet. Approximately 60% of all sugar in the world is made from cane, and 40% from beet. The sugar contains pure sucrose. It is absorbed in a few minutes in the body, as it immediately splits into the fructose of the elixir. It is a good source of energy for a person. Approximately 100 grams of sugar -410 calories. Sugar is an easily assimilated purified carbohydrate.

A person about a week eats 1 kg of sugar. We exceed the norm of its consumption by almost three times. The daily intake of sugar should not exceed 50 g. But even if you do not drink tea or coffee with sugar, it also contains other products that you possibly consume.

Sugar is my brand of heroin

We are used to the fact that sugar is just a white powder. That is, we do not want to change it. We are used to our sweetener and we do not get rid of it. It is addiction. In fact, studies have shown that this product causes addiction in humans. When a person consumes an isahar, changes occur in the brain that are similar to the effects of cocaine, nicotine and morphine.

So you can safely say that sugar is yourdrug. After all, it is very difficult to refuse from it if you have been using it for a long time. Or rather simply impossible. Tea seems so tasteless sausage. From it to turn out starts and you still add a slike vchay.

Sugar is not only a white powder, it is also brown, palm and cane sugar, as well as fructose, corn syrup, honey, lactose, raw sugar, dextrose, etc.

Diabetes from sugar

One of the most popular "sugar" misconceptions,It is that the diabetes can be caused due to the consumption of sugar. For example, diabetes of the 2nd type is the most common. It is caused by overeating. And we mean not only sugars, but simply fatty, fried foods, etc.

Because of eating a lot of food,The body has to produce more glucose. And this causes negative consequences. Ie the body has to increase the production of insulin. Over time, the excessive amount of insulin affects the functioning of the system as a whole. They occur in the body, and this leads to the fact that the pancreas can not produce the right amount of insulin.

A lot of sugar - a lot of fat!

The sugar does not contain fiber, vitamins orAny microelements, just an empty carbohydrate. But a couple of spoons of sugar a day you nepotolsteete. Many women believe that if they completely give up sugar, they can lose weight. This is not so, dear ladies.

From the consumption of sugar in a moderate amount of weightNot. Sugar for caloric content is almost the same as the usual protein. If you refuse to eat sugar and do not make up for it with another product, then the person will feel a breakdown, fatigue and even hunger.

Sugars are deposited in the liver in the form of glycogen. And when the reserves exceed the norm, the sugar is deposited in fatty tissues. Usually it appears on the abdomen and thighs. Therefore, we conclude that there is sugar, but it will be fine even then.

Sugar leads to aging

I want to say that this is an invention. How can I grow old from sugar? But this is a true statement. If you consume a large amount of this sweetener, then before your time, wrinkles will appear on your face.

Collagen helps our skin look young,This is a natural protein. It makes our skin elastic and smooth. But when it combines with sugar in the body, it loses its properties. So we can assume that it is not even produced. Because of this, some girls in 20 already look like a 28 year old.

We recommend reducing sugar consumption and using cosmetic products with collagen. They will help restore the skin and make it smooth and beautiful.

Sugar in sweets and fruits is different

An interesting theory. But in fact, that in sweets, that sugar is the same in vodka. And to be more precise, it's fructose. Just in fruit there is still a large amount of vitamins, trace elements and little sugar. But in the sweets there is almost one sugar and there is no vitamin. Especially sugar is confetely burned and increases the glucose in the blood.

Therefore, if you want a delicious and sweet, then eat a better fruit than a candy. Tasty and healthy!

Sugar is associated with hyperactivity in children

Previously, many pediatricians considered the causeHyperactivity udetey is the consumption of sugar in excess. But recent research has shown that this is misleading. It is the release of adrenaline that causes hyperactivity.

If this is possible, we recommend a maximum ofTo reduce the consumption of sugar. You can not completely exclude it. Because in small quantities, it is good for the body. Just do not eat candy, condensed milk, jam, etc. If it's not impossible to live without sugar, then sometimes you can pamper yourself with a bitter chocolate.

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