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The most effective methods of treating colds on the lips: folk remedies, recipes


It is best to prevent the appearance of herpes. For this you need to maintain immunity. As is known, in autumn and winter people often fall into depression, move little and do not follow food. From here and there are diseases. Walk in the fresh air, do sports, eat vitamins, move more, stop smoking and drinking alcohol. And, of course, avoid any contact with people already infected with this disease. Herpes is very easily transmitted not only through a kiss, but even through a patient's towel.

Ways to get rid of colds on the lips of folk remedies

  1. So, if you have bubbles, take ice from the refrigerator. Wrap it in a handkerchief and attach it to your lips. Such a simple method will help to remove bubbles.
  2. The next method is the leaves of lemon balm. Pour a little alcohol into the glass and mix with the leaves. Wait three days for the remedy to turn into a tincture. Next, attach to your lips.
  3. Brew strong tea, pour it with boiling water and put a teaspoon into it. When the spoon heats up, attach it to herpes. The method is painful, but very effective.
  4. Fir oil perfectly helps to overcome herpes. Apply fir oil to the wound. Lubricate every three hours.
  5. Take alcohol or cologne. Dampen them with cotton wool or a tampon. Apply cotton wool to herpes and hold for ten minutes.
  6. The salt grains can also be very useful. Apply them to a cold or put some salt on the tongue.
  7. The next recipe is the usual toothpaste. Just apply it on the lips, slightly smeared with fingers or a brush. The procedure is best done at night.
  8. Take two cloves of garlic. Grind them into small pieces. Add to them two spoons of yogurt and coffee. Next, put to the mixture three tablespoons of flour and a teaspoon of honey. Stir. Apply to lips.
  9. You will need a regular bow. Cut the bulb into two pieces. Attach one piece to the lips. After cutting one layer of the bulb and again attach it to the sore spot. Do this until the onion is finished.
  10. Take the potatoes and boil it in a uniform. As you have probably guessed, couples will cope with the disease. Put the potatoes in a saucepan and hold your face over hot steam.
  11. You will need an egg shell. Remove the film from the inside of the egg. Attach it to herpes.

If you have tried all the folk remedies, but the cold on the lips does not pass, we advise you to see a doctor or go to the pharmacy and buy special ointments and pills.

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