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Effective ways to combat heartburn: tips and recipes

Severe heartburn: what to do

Brew two spoons of tea with mint in boiling water. Let it brew and cool down. After add a little honey and drink in small sips. You can also make juice from potatoes and drink it every morning on an empty stomach. Mix two glasses of juice from cranberry with aloe juice. Add to the mixture two spoons of fresh honey. Stir. Pour a glass of hot water. Drink the remedy before meals.

To quickly get rid of heartburn, useSunflower oil. Just take one tablespoon of butter and drink it in one gulp. The following recipe is also effective. Boil water, pour it into a glass and add two spoons of apple cider vinegar. Stir. Drink in small sips while eating.

The most reliable means is usual soda,"Pop for heartburn." How to make a soda pop? Very simple. Throw in a glass one teaspoon of soda. Next, add a teaspoon of citric acid. And pour one spoonful of water. Stir. In a second you will see a neutralization reaction. The water will start to foam. Drink the fizz in small sips.

Heartburn in a child: what to do

People's means, of course, help, but ifHeartburn has begun at the small child, is better to address for the help to the doctor. Probably, the kid needs a special diet or examination of the stomach. As you know, heartburn brings unpleasant sensations. Therefore, there are ways to quickly eliminate it, which you can apply at home. First, give the child solutions Almagel or Fosfalugel. They are safe, but very effective. You can also buy Sucralfat or Venter. If the baby suffers from heartburn, do not give him fatty meals, exclude ice cream, chocolate, citrus fruits, butter and dairy products from the diet. Also, in no case should you drink carbonated drinks and chips. Do not let the baby eat before going to bed, watch his food.
It is better to eat often, but little by little, overeating can threaten with stomach disorders.

But fresh vegetables, cereals, bread with bran, fish,Apples, cabbage, bananas and chicken, a child can eat as much as he likes. These products are harmless to the body. So, by adjusting the diet, you can prevent the appearance of symptoms of heartburn in the child. If the disease has already begun, call a doctor and give the baby a glass of boiled water. You can add a little soda. Tea with chamomile and honey will also help.

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