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Foods that can cause heartburn

Sphincter weakens its work, poorly closingA hole located between the stomach and esophagus, for only two reasons. The first is the relaxation of his muscles. The second is a significant increase in the volume of juice (gastric).

If heartburn happens to you very often onlyAfter using any specific products, this indicates an increased acidity in the body. If unpleasant seizures begin to experience more than two times during the week, then the help of a qualified specialist is already required. But heartburn can be controlled independently. To do this, we must exclude from the daily menu all products that cause it.

What products to exclude?

Fatty foods
Oily foods, smoked foods contain a huge amount of fat and starch. All this can slow down the process of digestion and cause unpleasant heartburn.

Gastric juice can increase its volume underExposure to alcohol. Also, the esophagus under the influence of alcohol increases its sensitivity to acid. Leader for causing heartburn among all alcoholic beverages is considered, in the first place, red wine.

These very tasty and healthy fruits are endowed with their ownHigh acidity. They easily cause an increase (excess) of the mass of gastric juice. This leads to the appearance of heartburn due to its penetration into the esophagus.

Acute food products
With respect to spicy food, there areNumerous disputes. Can acute food cause heartburn or not? What is the cause of heartburn? In the spices that season the food, or in the peppers and tomatoes themselves? After all, they themselves have increased acidity. In addition, a person can get used to such food very much. And when this happens, spicy food is no longer considered a cause of heartburn.

Sauces and condiments
Almost all sauces are fatty foods. Like the rest of the fatty food, they can slow down the normal digestive process and lead to heartburn. At the slightest negative reaction to these products, replace them with simple dressings: vegetable oils or low-calorie sour cream.

Caffeine and chocolate
Caffeine acts relaxing on the muscles of the floor(Sphincter). Acid without problems penetrates into the esophagus and causes heartburn. Coffee has a fairly high level of acidity. If you have heartburn when eating this drink, then it's better to go straight to tea (green). Any chocolate also causes heartburn. But most often - milk!

How to help yourself?
This unpleasant phenomenon that occurs in the stomach,Can not be tolerated. If heartburn occurs only once after a certain food, then remember it and continue to be careful with these products. If heartburn occurs frequently, then try changing the diet, try to eat slowly, chew the food carefully, do not overeat or eat at night. Change your diet, let it become useful or dietary. Drink more. This will prevent the acidity of the gastric juice.

Help and various medicinal herbs. The root of ginger helps a lot. It removes excess gastric juice. Willow and gentian will help, and other plants from the "bitter" family. You can use special medicines. But they need to contact the doctor for them.

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