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Why undesirable unhealthy diet?

The main thing in a diet is its balance. This should be understood by all who are concerned about the declineExcess weight. The body and during the diet should receive absolutely all vitally important microelements and vitamins. You can not exhaust your body with any kind of food. Such a diet will not bring results, you will not benefit from it, but you can damage your health and your psychological state. Because the goal is not achieved.

Balance. What is it?
The organisms of each individual needA certain amount of nutrients. Many factors influence this. The age of a person, his way of life, gender, level of daily physical activity are taken into account. They rely on nutrition experts, making diets for specific people. It is these diets that are considered competently made and can give the desired result.

If the word "diet" is associated with youWeight loss, then you can lose weight without harming your health, only on a well-designed diet. Such a diet should contain 13 essential vitamins, more than a dozen minerals and about twenty necessary salts. It should include meat, dairy, vegetable and grain products. If this is ignored, then very soon all body systems will begin to experience significant problems. So what is the threat to the body of dubious diets and a disparaging attitude to a healthy diet?

Weakening of immunity
Reduction in the body of immune defense - this is the main consequence of mono-diet. The body is deprived of useful substances, its exhaustion begins. The consequences can be very deplorable.

Problems with the digestive tract
Very often self-selected diets leadTo digestive disorders. Constipation, nausea, diarrhea are problems visible. It will be worse if your diet causes gastritis or hemorrhoids, ulcerous formation on the wall of the stomach, liver and kidney diseases.

Decreased muscle mass
You wanted to lose weight fast, but got moreMore fat folds, although the weight is a little lower? This happens. And this is the body itself, so it was arranged by nature. You sharply limited the intake of fats and carbohydrates, and it went into an energy-saving regime. It is with this mechanism that muscle mass is burned in order to get the necessary calories. Begins the body without your permission and the fat for future use. It is natural that such a diet not only does not help you lose weight, but also increases unwanted centimeters on the hips and waist. Breast size may decrease dramatically, for women this will be an unexpected and sad event.

Neuroses and depression
Sometimes it happens that women tend to raise theirThe mood of delicious and favorite food. But if you limit yourself to taking these products, you may experience insomnia and irritability, drowsiness, depression and other neurological disorders. Food preferences should be changed gradually.

Women tend to prefer to sit onDiets to achieve greater charm and attractiveness. But we must remember that you can expect the opposite effect. Instead of a slender figure, you will get dry skin, dropping hair or very brittle nails. Are these sacrifices worth it? Of course not. Therefore, experts recommend healthy and healthy food for everyone. Take it as a good diet. And stick to these recommendations constantly.
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